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There are times when we really wish to have a higher inbuilt sound volume in our Laptop. Headsets and portable speakers are suitable options in such cases but they are not reliable all the time. Suppose you are on travel and wish to watch a movie together with few companions, and your Laptop sound sucked. A headphone or audio speaker won’t be reliable in this case. You rather end up sitting closer to the laptop for catching whatever is being said in the movie. The fun is ruined.

While buying a Laptop, most of us do not take the inbuilt sound volume much seriously. We stay happy if the system configuration meets our requirement and sound quality does not really come in the list of requirements. And when bad time comes, we end up regretting that but left with no option.

This is just a single imaginary example. The situation can be worse than that and you may need an effective solution. I will be sharing all sort of solution to this problem throughout this article. I am sure it will work at best for all kind Windows Laptops as well as Desktops.

How to Boost Sound Volume of a Laptop

Changing in the audio player settings is an old tactic to deal with the problem. I am not going to that. I will rather suggest some of the best software that is widely appreciated for enhancing audio quality as well as sound volume.

While increasing in volume may cause decreasing in audio quality, the tools I am using for boosting Laptop sound will keep the quality as required. Of course, it is always better to use high-quality media files for movies, videos, and audios.

1: Letasoft Sound Booster

Sound Booster is known for amplifying system volume level beyond the maximum. Using this tool, anyone may increase their PC sound volume by up to 500% with or without any additional speaker or headset. This tool makes the entire system louder. Whether for playing games, watching movies, listening to music or anything, this software can make Laptop sound significantly louder. It works with all Windows OS versions. It also very light in weight and the size counts 7.3 MB.

2: Breakaway Audio Enhancer

The creators of Volume Logic made another devastating tool that tends to enhance the sound volume of computers to an extent level. This software has revolutionized the way we used to utilize the sound volume of a certain computer, Desktop or Laptop. No matter what audio quality is played, or what kind of audio player is being used, Breakaway Audio Enhancer makes all better than ever. While increasing Audio volume, the tool also improves the sound quality.

3: Bongiovi DPS

Another great way to change your daily style of listening to music from a computer is Bongiovi DPS. With its revolutionary sound quality, you may get a better experience in listening to music, watching movies, streaming online videos, or playing games. The tool plugs into the core sound system of your computer, whether it is a Laptop or a Desktop computer. Thus, all of the applications residing at your computer can grab the benefits of DPS sound enhancement technology. This tool also keeps a well capability to transform a TV sound into a high-quality stereo system.

The technology also capable of improving sound clarity, separating the commercial and music sounds and keep the volume low during TV commercial. Your existing Stereo sets also about to be made a better sound quality and boosting the sound volumes as required.

4: DFX Audio Enhancer

If you are truly into music and wish to experience a heavenly sound quality in whatever you play, DFX Audio Enhancer is what you need. Whether you are streaming music (Video or audio) online, or simply listening to downloaded tracks, this is the must-have tool to take your listening experience to the next level. If you are familiar with 3D sound or had a home theatre, this is what you should implement to that.

All kind of data compressed online audio formats can be enhanced t gain a higher quality output using DFX technology. Some of the main problems with the compressed audio files are low-frequency fidelity, less audio depth, and low stereo separation. All these issues can be get rid of using the tool. While the tool seamlessly enhances your audio quality it also does well in increasing inbuilt computer sound volume.


In the current generation, most of the computer users hardly for the desktops for obvious reasons. But, as we have well aware of the fact, Laptops are also not always good enough in fulfilling our needs. So, it the case is concerned with low sound quality and volume, I guess, you won’t have to look further for effective solutions.

The above listed Windows tools are not all freeware. But, they are worth paying for if you are truly in need of them. There may be more tools like these which I haven’t yet used for self. So, I can’t really make any points with a proper knowledge of all. However, I would like to know if there is any tool you think should be placed on the list here.

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