Best Trending Android Games in 2018 (August)

As they say, “do with the trend.” Playing a trending game is great in many ways. First of all, you should be playing a game that is dope enough. No one would like to play something that doesn’t spark your nerve at all, right? Needless to mention that, if a game isn’t good enough it can’t get into the Trending Club. A trending game is a good game, that’s assured. On the other hand, in terms of real-time or open world games like COC and PUBG Mobile, you know most of your friends would be playing the same game. Playing as a team or against with your friends adds much more fun to it whilst playing with global players also fun. Now, trending contents tend to be replaced over the period, so make sure you pick the best in current trends. Here are the best trending Android games you should be playing right now.

Best Trending Android Games in 2018 (August Collection)

Gaming is fun, no doubt on that. With an Android mobile in hand, we need no longer purchasing expensive gaming consoles or carry a PC around. Smartphone certainly many things accessible and gaming on a mobile phone is a new way of living today. A new Android game is being launched every other day. Among many of them, there are a few that really make it to the top. So, if you are holding an Android device and gong with the trends, these best trending games for Android would make your day.

#PUBG Mobile – PlayUnknown’s BattleGround Mobile

PUBG Mobile is taking the whole world into storm lately. PUBG Mobile is one of the trending Android games for many reasons. This first-person shooting game is packed with some incredible visual graphics, rich details, smooth control, and bone-chilling realistic gameplay. Talking about audio quality, PUBG brings you high-quality audio with 7.1 channel surround audio and mind-blowing 3D sound effects.

PUBG Mobile

It’s also packed with tons of deadly realistic modern weapons and variety of vehicles you can ride on. You can either play the game alone or team up with your friends, no matter what’s your gaming mode, PUBG is simply awesome. The game also lets you create a clan or join one. Ensuring a fair and fun gaming environment, PUBG has a potential anti-cheat engine.

PUBG Mobile requires Android 5.1.1 version or above and a minimum 2 GB RAM in place.  The game is free to download and play, and some in-app purchases are available for a better gaming experience.

Download PUBG Mobile 

#Mobile Legends

Another one of the trending games for Android Mobile Legend has been at the top for quite a sometime now. This eSports masterpiece brings you 5v5 MOBA battle against global opponents. This is a human vs human battle where you will be targetting enemy towers to take down as a mission. Experience, skill, and teamwork are the mantra of winning over the mobile legends.

mobile legends

Mobile Legends has incredible graphics, smooth gaming control pad, and an awesome gameplay that lends you various items to choose from as your avtar. Assassins, tanks, megas, marksmen, and more are available to pick on your play. Whether your team loses or wins, if you play a fair game on your end, you get the reward. This current trending Android game is free to download and play, added some useful in-app items to purchase.

Download Mobile Legends 

#Modern Combat 5

Gameloft has given some serious effort in making this Modern Combat 5 so real and fun. Just like PUGB and ML, Modern Combat 5 is also an online Android game. The first person shooter game gives a tough competition to any action game launched or Android ecosystem so far. Here you cab create your squad collaborating friends or other online players, grab some deadly modern weapons, and land on an ultimate war against real human rivals from around the globe.

modern Combat 5

It also comes with a solo play campaign you can choose if you wish to walk alone down the war zone. Be a hero saving the world from an apocalyptic plan of a lunatic villain. Over the level up and wins, you get to unlock awesome abilities and tactical suits to equip and get ready for a greater mission. The visual graphics is one of the reasons Gameloft is famous about, so is Modern Combat 5. It’s free to play and comes with lucrative in-app purchases.

Download Modern Combat 5

#Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you have played Grand Theft Auto Vice City OR San Andreas in PC before, this Android version of Grand Theft will surely spark your childhood memories, yet in a better way. The famous video game has made its way through Android lately and in no time it’s one of the best trending Android games now. The story begins when Carl Johnson’s return and framed by some corrupt cops for homicide.

grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas likely to be the biggest release on Android bringing you a vast open-world gameplay covering cities of San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Los Santos. It comes with even a better visual graphics and  70 hours long gameplay to run. The game lets you tailor visual appearance through the graphics settings. More freedom to you, the game also brings a lot more feature in it to keep you around.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

#Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one example of modern mobile gaming technology. Stunning visual fidelity, top-rated dream machines, realistic gameplay, you name it; this one game is packed up with all the thrill, speed, and adventure. Added some beasts in SuperBike category, the best trending Android game is easy to get used to and runs smoothly on mid-range Android devices. If your phone lacks of specs, you may not find it cool. Of course, you can’t expect a high-quality game on poor performing device.

Asphalt 8

Airborne has it all, exotic new locations, high-speed tracks, luxury cars, racing motorbikes, realistic audio immersion with high-fidelity engine sounds, and move beyond your expectation. This is a free game with some in-app items. However, you will need some space in disk and internet data to fully pack up all the components.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

#Clash of Clans

This short list of most trending Android games cannot be completed without mentioning this giant here, Supercell’s Clash of Clans. Matter of fact, most of you is familiar with the name COC and for a good reason. Clash of Clan is in trend for quite a long time now and still holding ground with a big roar. This real-time strategy game has changed the entire gaming environment for mobile phone. With a whole new concept, Clash of Clans lets you join to millions of worldwide player or invite friends to form a village clan.

Clash of Clans

Your will clan members will help each other to build villages, raise an ultimate clan, defend own village from attacks, and take part in epic clan battles to loot other’s villages. You will be using many unique troops like fire wielding Wizards, Mustachioed Barbarians, Archer, and more to form a clan. You may download and play the game for free. There are many useful in-app purchase items you can go for.

Download Clash of Clans


What’s Next in Trend?

Well, since of the 2018’s beginning, we have witnessed many games making to the top and fall. Currently, these best Android trending games enlisted here are not yet ready to leave the genre. However, we are expecting more potential games to come up next. Fortnite Mobile is one such. News so far, Fortnite is making its way to the Android platform very soon. As announced lately, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the first device that’s going to bring the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royal to our hand palms. Till then, have fun with the above listed most trending games for Android in 2018.

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