Best Smartphone Deal: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 New BoGo Deal

Now Samsung News Released to Best Smartphone Deal AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 New BoGo Deal. Best Smartphone Deal Galaxy S7 Smartphone other New Deal and very useful this deal. While we wait for Samsung to announce the Galaxy S8 and LG to reveal the G6 the current flagship Smartphone from both companies, the Galaxy S7 and the G5 are part of a new “buy one, get one free” offer at AT&T.

Here’s how this offer works. Customers purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or G5 phone on an AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year payment plan and then they get a second Samsung Galaxy S7 or G5 on a second line on the same plan.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Then those folks will get bill credits every month for the second phone over 24 to 30 months which means the second phone is “free” once that time frame is completed. Obviously, this deal will only be offered for a limited time but there are no words on when it will end.

Both phones recently got updated to Android 7.0 Nougat on AT&T so when you take advantage of this deal you are also getting the latest version of the Android OS on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and G5.

Samsung Galaxy S7

In addition, people who sign up for this offer are also able to access one year of Full screen for free. What is Full screen? It’s a streaming monthly video service that targets the millennial audience with lots of older movies and TV shows combined with original programming created by many popular YouTube personalities. It normally costs $5.99 a month.

Will you jump on this new BOGO offer from AT&T or are you going to wait until the new Samsung and LG devices go on sale later this year.

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