Best Samsung Gear S2 apps list 2017 (Latest & updated edition)

Best Gear S2 apps: The Mobile Updates Top App Picks for the Samsung Gear S2 watch

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps updated list :Hey folks, Are you looking for best Samsung Gear S2 apps ? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today in this blog we are sharing the updated list of best Samsung Gear S2 apps available on your Samsung Gear S2 app store. We have added some new apps in our list. Choose your favourite Samsung Gear S2 apps from our recently updated list below; In our opinion it is still one of the best Smartwatches to consider, It’s compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Let us make you aware that real wearable market has launched more than 1,000 Samsung Gear S2 Apps and some games in Samsung Gear App only for Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatches. Also Samsung Gear smartwatch has to cover up market on new redesign Games. The Samsung Smartwatch market is very high in competetion to others.

Basically Samsung Gear S2 users to get the Samsung Gear App on Apps store. Also you can download easily via Samsung Gear App. Once it has been paired to the smartwatch.

There are some developers who are Hardworking on these Smartwatches to bring their popular apps on Tizen. We searched whole market and got some handful apps.

All these apps are currently available on the smartwatch store and they are all highly recommended Samsung gear S2 apps. If you are one of those users who are using Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch then you must must be aware of best apps for your Samsung Gear S2 wrist watch.

Below are the top best Gear S2 apps for your Samsung Gear S2 gadget. Let us know which app are you using and any recommendations that you are having for Best Gear S2 Apps given below.

Best Samsung Gear S2 apps latest 2017 updated edition :

  • Uber
  • AwayYougo
  • Here Navigator
  • Mr. Time Maker
  • Voxer
  • Twitter Trends
  • Camera Gear
  • Chat Hub
  • News briefing
  • Lifesum
  • Spotify
  • UniKey’s Kevo
  • Ducker
  • Travel Phrasebook
  • Calorie Burner S2
  • Vroom Rider
  • Xenozu Youtube Player
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Prana
  • eBay
  • Agile Keyboard
  • Snake Classic S2
  • Photo Watch Pro
  • Line
  • Yelp For Gear
  • Smart things
  • Volkswagen


Best Gear s2 apps
Uber App for gear s2


Uber is a one of the best Samsung Gear S2 App for your wearable devices. Uber has finally arrived on the Samsung Gear S2, now you can download uber in your Samsung Gear S2 watch as well as in your samsung mobile. Uber app landed in store last month and it is an official app from Uber developers. Book a taxi online and make ride, watch live map of the taxi and arrival time on your area. It also comes with all Uber options including Uber and Pool features. It is well designed and specially made for rounded bezels. If you want to book taxi online then Uber is the best option.

AwayYouGo Gear S2 App

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
AwayYouGo for Samsung Gear S2


Samsung Gear S2 apps list has an another member app called “AwayYouGo”- the First Commercial Trial Takes Airport IT Responsiveness for Samsung Gear S2.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatches are now being supported by the airport’s consumer-facing, Spark Compass–powered AwayYouGo app which already available for mobiles. With the help of AwayYouGo app on your Gear S2 & Gear  S3.

Read More : AwayYouGo App for Gear  S2

You can receive directions en route to the airport to real-time gate information and changes. The AwayYouGo App will also alert you when bags are on the carousel at the destination airport, made possible through Go Tag secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that travelers attach to their luggage before setting out on their trip.

Here Navigator – Samsung Gear S2 app

best gear s2 apps
HereNavigator App for gear s2

Here Navigator is one of the best GPS map app in samsung gear s2 apps list . It is best competitive app for Google Map, Search the location, turn-by-turn navigation, time & distance and easy direction in driving or walking mode and all are the simple to understand. Samsung tied up with them but it is missing in smartwatch, you need to download it from the store.

Mr. Time Maker


best gear s2 apps
M. Time Maker App for gear s2

The MR. TIME MAKER is a best Watch Faces app for Gear S2. You can change the look of Gear S2 any time using MR. TIME MAKER. Also you customize or ‘stylize’ existing faces with adding dial colors and widgets like dates, also more you have to get and all of those are free. So download on Samsung Gear App stores.


Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
Voxer app for gear s2

Voxer is a two way Wrist Radio for Samsung Gear S2. It means you can send audio messages from your smartwatch to someone else, like you would on a walkie-talkie to instantly talk with your friend. Just tap on a contact and start speaking into your watch. It appears as a message on your mate’s watch and they can then listen to it on the watch itself via the S2 3G’s speaker or on a connected Bluetooth headset.

Twitter Trends- Best gear s2 apps

  1. best gear s2 apps
    twitter trends app for gear s2

Best Samsung Gear S2 App for social networking is Twitter Trends. Now Twitter Trends use on your Gear S2 Smartwatch. Twitter feeds sent directly to your watch face, below the date and time, so you’ll know exactly when your clever status update got a retweet. This could be an example of connectivity overload but get the right feed and it will keep you up to date on Twitter without becoming too distracting.

Camera gear

In this app to use for a capture a photo or record video on your phone via your Gear S2, just you have to Turning that crisp, vibrant circular display into a viewer, it works with both front and rear facing cameras, supports a flash mode and has a self timer mode to give you time to get into the shot.

Chat Hub

Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
Chat Hub app for gear s2

Chat hub is also the most popular app in the market. Now, it is equipped with Chat Hub, an app that was announced previously for the Samsung Gear S2. This handy Samsung app brings all your messages into one screen – texts, WhatsApps, Facebook Messenger etc.

News Briefing

Flipboard is now available for Samsung gear s2 smartwatch. You can select your favorite categories and only get news from selected websites. It built with care to perform in between rounded corners. The app is in initial step so there might be problem with its font size, remaining all functions are fine.


It is best for a food and water tracker. Samsung’s own S Health screens allow you to manually enter that you’ve drank a bottle of water or cup of coffee with one tap. But if you want to go one step further, Lifesum is worth a look with recipes, diaries and ‘lose weight’/’gain weight’ goals.


best gear s2 apps
spotify music app for samsung gear s2

The music app is finally rolling out to the Gear S2. Spotify app will let you control playback on your wrist, browse music through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists. There’s no offline mode right now, so if you’re taking it for a run then you’ll only be able to use it with the LTE watches, or hope that your gym has Wi-Fi. Hopefully we’ll get the option to play our offline playlists in the future.

UniKey’s Kevo

best gear s2 apps
Unikey app for gear s2

This is another smart home tech kind of stuff.Kevo app is the best samsung gear s2 app. Kevo app allows you to unlock your front door (if only it has a Kwikset Kevo smart lock in place) with your smartwatch. With technology replacing most of our usual activities, it won’t be long before most of us get used to smart door locks at our homes. The app also allows you to send digital codes to family members so that they can enter the house when you are not present.


Best Samsung Gear S2 Apps
ducker app for gear s2

Ducker is a unique road crossing game, which is one of the Best Samsung Gear S2 app. Whilst the style is similar to Crossy Road or Forger, there are many elements that make Ducker unique. The game is incredibly simple to play using the Bezel to turn the player to the left, right, or forward while the player keeps hoping in the direction has facing, this creates a challenge in itself as you attempt to cross roads, rivers and railway tracks. Theres the usual cars, trucks, logs and trains to avoid and also crocodiles, which you can ride on just like the logs. Being a duck, you can easily just jump into rivers to cross them instead of riding across crocs and logs, but get in front of a crocodile and he’ll eat your player.

Travel Phrasebook

Making those tricky abroad convos simpler, this Gear S2 app culls out a choice of helpful expressions covering all the imperative situations like talking with a cab driver, going for dinner and working out your cash. The best part is that it works completely offline (without internet), so it is not necessary to get connected to internet to communicate a better with locals.


Calorie Burner S2

Calorie Burner S2 is perfect app for gear s2 if you want to know that how much time will it take to burn off calories which you gain after having a burger in lunch. This fitness app for our samsung watch stores a collection of food across 14 different families to let us know exactly how many calories are consumed by us. Then according to that we can start our workout and and proceed to sweat it out.  Calorie Burner S2 is the best fitness app for gear s2.

Vroom Rider

Vroom is one of the best arcade games available for samsung gear s2 watch. You can drive the car by controlling steering using the Gear S2’s rotating bezel. If you are a game lover then this game should be installed in your  samsung gear s2 watch.

Xenozu YouTube Player

Official youtube app is not available for Samsung gear s2 smartwatch on your wrist, but those who are looking to view videos can do so through Xenozu’s workaround. In this app you can quickly jump to  popular videos, different categories simply through the search tool.

Fruit Ninja

This is not the official app of Fruit Ninja but this alternative of fruit ninja game is full of fun and entertainment. It is very interesting game.  It can get a bit laggy once in a while, yet nothing that will ruin the movement of perpetually cutting airborne watermelons. In addition it’s free – a fruity reward.


Prana is a breathin exercise app and is all about helping you in relaxing and in reducing the anxiety. It generally makes us feel stress free. It works by showing movements that will direct you through the basic sessions giving you a chance to utilize the turning bezel or the touch screen to set up the session span.


Through the official Gear S2 eBay app, you can see your purchasing and offering action, increment offers (by turning the bezel) and outbid somebody on the watch itself. You can’t seek things or place another offer yet, however maybe that is generally advantageous, spur of the moment purchase savvy.

Agile Keyboard

best gear s2 apps
agile keyboard app for gear s2

We’re not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt what to make of this QWERTY console app for the Gear S2, yet thought it best to mention. A few people love this kind of thing and as intensely up-to-date as the Gear S2 can be, this is still a geek’s watch at heart. One reasons you may really download this $0.99 app is the entrance to several emoticons in a couple of taps. Pleasant.

Snake Classic S2

I don’t think i have to write much more about this game as there is no need of explaining about this game.The famous and best basic game ever Snake Classic. We all would love to play this game. This is available for Samsung Gear S2 watch Store.

Photo Watch Pro

best samsung gear s2 apps
photo watch pro for gear s2

Everyone wants to customise their watch and have a good watch face . The demand for the watch faces is increasing day by day. Almost everyone wats to personalise the appearance and looks of their watch.

Download Photo Watch to use your own still/animated images as background dials.Switch to photos by double the app by itself.


best samsung gear s2 apps
line app for gear s2

Do you remember those cutesy characters that you use as stickers in the Line messaging app?

Well,now you can pick one to be your watch look on Gear S2 with this Line app – hold tight for the all out informing app on Tizen.

Yelp for Gear

best gear s2 apps
yelp for gear s2

What time is it? It’s breakfast time. Meet me at a quarter to recess. I get off work at happy hour. That is the manner by which you will read a clock with the Yelp app for Gear S2. While giving purchaser submitted audits of different organizations inside the app, your watch fac resembles a turning wheel of activities which influences great utilization of the watch’s roundabout to screen and pivoting bezel.


Are you owning smart home devices or a connected car then these apps are for you


best gear s2 apps
Smartthings app for gear s2

With the SmartThings app for Gear S2, you will have the capacity to utilize your smartwatch to initiate preset lighting so your home is prepared for your arrival, and in addition deal with a large group of savvy home mechanizations. It is not available on Samsung’s store yet, yet it will work with Samsung’s SmartThings unit.


best samsung gear s2 apps
volkswagen app for gear s2

If you are the owning a volkswagen car then this app will be useful for you. With the help of this ap you able to start the air conditioner of your car and pause charging on electric cars just through your smartwatch.

Thanks for reading our article. We always try our best to keep you updated with the technology. We update this article regularly according to the latest news. 

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Samsung Gear App can be downloaded via Apps store for Samsung Gear S3. You can read our full Samsung Gear  S3 review right here, new features added in Samsung Gear  S3 Apps and Games.

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