Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases in 2018

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases in 2018: If you want to buy a case for your Samsung galaxy s7 but you don’t make up your mind from the huge range of product available. Here, we can provide you different best cases for your Samsung galaxy s7 with detail information. You need cases for your smartphones to protect them from any impact and harm.

The Samsung Galaxy s7 is one of the best smartphones we have in the market. It is best because of its style and a great camera. Best protective cases need to your smartphone because it makes easy and comfortable to hold and also provide safety. Cases not only protect your smartphone when it falls but also protect from scratches when you put it in your pocket.

We can show you the best cases for Samsung galaxy s7 cases which are durable, reliable and are of high quality. These cases will help you to keep your Samsung galaxy s7 in a tiptop condition for a long time period. Some of the best cases are listed below:

Caselogy Galaxy s7 Case

Caselogy Galaxy s7 case is one of the best cases for Samsung galaxy s7 with top position in the market. It is made from rugged TPU and tough polycarbonate. The leather makes this case one of the durable Samsung Gaxaly s7 cases in the market. The TPU liner makes your s7 device reliable and polycarbonate protects from falling.


Color: Leather Cherry Oak, Leather Pink, Leather navy blue, Leather brown, leather fiber black and leather green.

Material: Leather

The main feature of this case is wave grip design which keeps your Galaxy s7 Edge safe, slim, lightweight and stylish. The case also protects your phone from scratches, knocks, and drops. You can easily access all ports, controls, and connectors without removing the case from your phone.

The customer can get the Caselogy Galaxy s7 at $12.99 and $15.99 at amazon marketplace.

Supcase Galaxy s7 Pro Series

Supcase is another best seller of cases, who gets positive feedback from the customers. The supcase galaxy s7 pro is easy to install and remove which fit securely on your device. The case is designed in sporty design so that you can carry it easily. Another good point of the Supcase Galaxy s7 pro series is that it is available in multiple colors.

The case is made with double layer protection and also has a protective front casing. If you are looking for the durable case with a sporty design for your Samsung Galaxy s7 then Supcase Galaxy s7 pro series is the best choice.

Supcase-Galaxy-S7-rpo series
Supcase-Galaxy-S7-rpo series

Color: Black, Blue/Black, Green/Gray, White/Gray.

Material: Soft TPU and PC material.

You can get the Supcase Galaxy s7 pro series at $17.99, $18.99 and $19.99 at amazon marketplace.

Obliq Galaxy s7 Case

Obliq Galaxy s7 case is tested in military grade, which is a perfect symbol of high quality. The case is ultra slim, exact fit, with a brushed metallic design. The slim design makes it pocket-friendly and lightweight. The Obliq galaxy s7 case is compatible with most wireless charging ports.


Color: Rose gold, Champagne Gold, Satin Silver and Titanium Space gray

Layer: dual (TPU and PC layer)

The main features of Obliq Galaxy s7 case are protection, reliability, and compatibility. The enhanced design offers a TPU bumper that protects your device from drop and fall, while the hard pc back offers protection from daily wear and tear.

We can get Obliq Galaxy s7 case at $16.99 at amazon marketplace. I will recommend this Samsung Galaxy s7 case if you want the slim lightweight Samsung Galaxy s7 cover.

E LV Galaxy s7 Case

E LV is a registered trademark protected by the US Trademark Law. The s7 case i.e. E LV Galaxy s7 case is advanced protection technology designed for Samsung galaxy s7 smartphones, which has hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU. It is anti-slip and sweat resistant.The case has a combination of elegant appearance, beautiful design, and powerful protection.


The case is made of good quality having perfect cut-outs. The main feature of this case is that it allows charging without removing the case. The case not only protects your device from scratches, but also from dust and bumps. Hence, we can say that this case best in comparison to other Samsung Galaxy s7 cover.

Color: Black/rose gold, Black, Dark Blue Gold, Grey/Mint, and Red Melon Gold.

Layer: dual (polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU)

The customer can get E LV Galaxy s7 case at $10.99 at amazon marketplace.

Supcase Galaxy s7 case

The Supcase galaxy s7 case is specially designed for your Samsung galaxy s7 device which fits securely on your device. The case also has port covers, which protect the port from dust and small pieces of rubbish by blocking them so that they can’t enter to the port. You can have full access to the ports, buttons, and sensitivity of the smartphone. Your device will be safe from water with the help of Supcase Galaxy.


Color: 3 interchangeable covers

Layer: dual (inner core cushion and polycarbonate shell)

The Supcase Galaxy s7 case is best because of its three features, water resistant, shockproof and impact resistant. But it is compatible only with Samsung and available only in three different colors.

The customer can get Supcase Galaxy s7 case at $18.99 at amazon marketplace.

Otterbox Defender

otterbox defender.
otterbox defender.

The Otterbox Defender one of the most protective cases for your Samsung Galaxy s7. The case is better at preventing your Samsung Galaxy getting scratched or cracked. A silicon skin and hard polycarbonate shell offer impact resistance for drops and the thermal-formed screen protector defends against scratches.

The Otterbox defender case provides effortless functionality for your device.

Color: Black, Glacier, Pink, Blue, Gray

Material: Polycarbonate

The cool feature of this case is that you can customize inner and outer shell color to create a more personalized look. Otterbox defender has three layers of protection. Hence, this case is the most protective case in comparison to other Samsung Galaxy s7 cover.

We can get Otterbox defender case for Samsung Galaxy s7 at $20 at amazon marketplace.

FYY Galaxy s7 Case

If you love the color, this is your best case choice for your smartphone. The FYY Galaxy s7 case is available in 45 different colors and you can select your best. This case is made of Premium PU Leather and hand strap makes it easy to carry. Photo slot and card slot are designed so that you can put your photo, debit card, Credit card, and ID card.


Kickstand function is available which gives you perfect viewing angle while watching movies or video chatting. And this is only the case for Samsung Galaxy s7 with 45 different colors but it has some negative point also plain design and it is not strong as compared to other Samsung Galaxy s7 case.

Color: 45 different colors

Material: PU Leather

You can get FYY Galaxy s7 case from $9.99 to $18.99 at amazon marketplace.

Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S7 Phone case


Urban Armor Gear products are beautifully designed and offer you a unique, reliable and stylish cases to protect your Samsung Galaxy s7 device from dust, scratches, and other damages. The cases are made with a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Urban Armor Gear is also one of the strong and long-lasting cases for Samsung Galaxy s7.

Urban Armor Gear galaxy s7 case meets military drop-test standard which provides shock protection. The cases are compatible with wireless charging, headphones, and earphones can be used without removing the case.

There is a slot on the case so that you can store your card safely in it. The main issue with this cover is that it is expensive than other Samsung Galaxy s7 cover.

Color: cobalt, white, ash, black, magma, ice, and rust

Layers: double layer (outer shell and impact resistant core)

You can get the Urban Armor Gear Galaxy s7 phone case $15 to $49.99 at amazon marketplace.

Pandawell Galaxy S7 case

Pandawell Galaxy s7 case has two features, shock resistant and impact resistant which makes this case best among the Samsung Galaxy s7 cases and the impressive design makes your smartphones looks better. Dual layer protects your device from drops and scratches. The case is lightweight, stylish slim modern design which fits your s7 device. Four corner airPocket cushioning adds extra protection to your smartphone.


Color: Purple, Black, Pink, Rose Red, Blue and Purple

The main features of Pandawell Galaxy s7 case are shock resistant and impact resistant as well as it is lightweight and easy to carry. The case adds little bulk to your device.

We can get Pandawell Galaxy s7 cover for your Samsung Galaxy s7 device at $7.99 and $8.99 at amazon marketplace.

Ranz Galaxy S7 Case


The Ranz Galaxy s7 case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy s7 only. The case has two layers, which are combined into one to protect your s7 device from scratches and getting damaged when it falls. There are accessible opening in the case which provides quick access to button functions.

The important feature of this case is an easy installation, just attach the first layer than the second layer. One layer is made of TPU rubber skin and the second one is made of plastic. Hence we can say that this case is one of the most secure Samsung Galaxy s7 cases. The main negative point of this case is that it is available only in one color.

Color: FPD Grey/Rose Gold

Layers: double (hard plastic shell and flexible skin)

The customer can get Ranz Galaxy s7 case at $8.01 at amazon marketplace.

3Cworld Samsung Galaxy s7 Case


3Cworld Samsung Galaxy s7 case is slim-fit design for the Samsung Galaxy s7 and available in a whole range of colors which gives a cool and unique look to your s7 device. Easy to use headphones and charger without removing the case.

High-quality TPU material keeps your phone safe from scratches or damages. The case is the only one case for Samsung Galaxy s7 which is made of a high-quality material and has the perfect and unique design. The 3Cworld Samsung Galaxy is not bulky so it can be easily stored in your pocket and it is anti-slippery.

Color: Varied colors with unique graphics (butterfly, birds flying, Eiffel tower and pineapple)

You can get 3Cworld Samsung Galaxy s7 case at $6.95 and $7.95 at amazon marketplace.

Cases and covers are required to protect your smartphone from damages and scratches, as well as case helps to look your smartphone cool and unique. Purchasing a case for Samsung galaxy s7 is not an easy thing but I hope this article will help you to choose the perfect one for your s7 device.

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