Best Rainmeter Skin for Windows in 2018

Windows ecosystem is pretty much easy to operate and customizable in terms of desktop appearance. Although, these customizations are mostly bound to the changing of wallpaper and utilizing some custom or official themes available. Good thing to know, there are some great programs has been built to entirely tweak the Windows desktop appearance from both inside and outside. Rainmeter skin is the name most uttered in this context. And, we have enlisted pretty enough of best Rainmeter skins for Windows computers

Best Rainmeter Skin for Windows

1: Tech-A

One of the most versatile skins you get to accompany Rainmeter in your Windows PC is called Tech-A. The futuristic Rainmeter Skin is known for its mind blowing desktop widgets as such usage of RAM, CPU utilization, Date and Time, and more. Adding to that, the skin also comes with shortcuts that navigate through partitions of Hard Disk, other system folders, etc.


2: Avengers SHIELD OS

If you ever get fond of Avengers’ Nick Fury, well this is time to play his role behind the screen. You don’t need to coordinate the superheroes, but Avengers SHIELD OS will simply make you feel what might Nick Fury felt playing around with the futuristic computer display. The Rainmeter skin for Windows get you CPU and RAM usage, media player control, volume control, Shutdown/Restart buttons, and more.


3: IronMan-Jarvis

Another great looking skin straight out from Marvel Cinematic Universe, IronMan-Jarvis does as the name suggest. It’s not only Tony Stark who has JARVIS to play with. Now, you can have your own JARVIS on Windows PC. The IronMan-Jarvis Rainmeter Skin is incredibly customizable that comes with several easily repositionable modules. The Windows computer skin features RSS feed, system temperature status, hard disk usage and capacity, date and clock, etc.


4: Mass Effect

If you are among the BioWare freaks one of the most acclaimed gaming franchise, you may now enjoy the role of Commander Shepard and take down the Reapers. The Mass Effect Windows skin will definitely make you feel the effect that comes with media playback, date and time status, hard disk status, control panel, and more on the desktop shortcut. All these modules can be re-arranged freely.


5: Aliens

One of the best Rainmeter skins for Windows, ALIENS comes handy that has efficiently designed to display mesmerizing desktop modules as such time and date, CPU usage, hard disk partition, shutdown and restart buttons, so on. Adding to that, you can monitor on network download and upload speed.


6: Senja Suit

If your PC comes with a lighter configuration, Senja Suit may suit the best concerning Rainmeter Skins on Windows. The skin is light in weight and comes handy with a clean interface and all the modules looks just great. The Senja Suit also adores your desktop background and provides the entire necessary widgets on screen.


7: Eker Lina

Another one of the most beautifully coded Rainmeter Skins available is Eker Lina. The Desktop skin contains RSS feed, media playback controls, Time and Date feed, Weather widget, and more shortcuts for system folders and sub-folders. The sub-elements of the skins are re-arrangeable as per need making your desktop layouts fantastic.


8: Pileus

If our system comes with higher configuration and storage available, PILEUS is a must try for the need of Rainmeter Skins. Pileus is quite a unique in the category and features handful of desktop modules as such Time and Date,RSS Feed, Disk partition and system folder shortcuts, shutdown and restart options, you name it. There is also a lighter version available to try out on low configuration systems.


9: Before Dawn

If you are new to the Rainmeter skin kinda stuff, Before Down could just a perfect catch. No techy knowledge is required to use the skin. Simply install the skin on your Windows computer and the tool will do the rest. The skin is known for displaying modules in a sharp way that counts websites and system shortcuts that are used frequently, Time/Date, RSS feed, present location, so on.


10: Razor

Razor is among the desktop skins that manipulates your computer background irrespective of the nature of desktop wallpaper. This can also affect the overall appearance. Thus, ensuring to opt for the right wallpaper or choosing minimalistic is vital. Alongside the main desktop modules, the skin also features sub-modules that showcase Date and Time, shortcuts to system folders, power buttons, internet network status, etc.


11: Enigma

Enigma is said to be one of the most popular Rainmeter skins that comes with tons of customizable configurations. Matter of fact, the skin is so much promising that it’s was officially opted as the default skin of the Rainmeter back in 2009. The skin is capable of showing every kind of system info you may think of. The sub modules are highly customizable and also versatile to re-arrange one by one. From image slideshow to RAM/CPU usage to world time and current weather to media playback control and status to quick notes, you name it.


12: ABP

Designed with some elegant appearing yet simple sub-modules ABP is a quite a must try skin for Windows via Rainmeter. This simple looking skin consists of large blend rectangular widgets that give a consistent look to the Rainmeter skin so to the entire desktop. Counting from image slideshow to system calendar and clock, usage of CPU and RAM, media playback status and control, and more are displayed in ABP skin.


13: Speed

Speed is another great skin that is built in translucency effect and frozen glass. The skin tends to blend even better with matched wallpapers or minimal ones. The round and rectangular shaped sub-modules bring you current weather info, CPU and RAM usage, quick notes, system calendar and clock, a shortcut to Gmail account, computer battery backup status and more.


14: Simple Media

Another one of the simplest looking skins you can get for Rainmeter on PC, Simple Media does as the name itself suggest. In spite of being a very minimal designed skin, Simple Media offers all the vital aspect to display as such recycle bin status, time and date, real-time system temperature, etc.


15: Wisp

The fact about Wisp is that its sub-elements do not come with any content boundaries and that’s what makes it different from others. These sub-modules appears to be blended into the desktop background rather than looking like a separate widget. The clutter-free looking Rainmeter Skin displays various vital info as such RAM and CPU status, Calendar, System Clock, disk partition, System Temperature, etc.


16: LIM!T

This is another beautifully designed, simple looking skin for Windows computer that comes handy with greater meaning rather than simple text. The skin displays sub-elements in comparatively larger and clean textual fonts that contain info by filling a certain level of the textual body. LIM!T showcases dates, system clock, RAM utilization, current CPU usage, real-time system temperature, as well as disk space usage.

17: Neon Space

Take a tour into a futuristic screen right from your Windows computer with Neon Space. Once you get the skin up and ready to run, it would be a real struggle for you to take eyes off from it. The Rainmeter skin is that really awesome. It comes with all the vital information in terms of desktop modules that glow with neon blue color and animate accordingly giving you mesmerizing display.


18: Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is anther clean looking skin for users who believe in simplicity. As the name suggests, Elegance 2 portraits all the vital system info in various shape on the desktop in an elegant manner. The skin is incredibly light in weight and perfectly blends in with the chosen desktop backgrounds. The system info is displayed through readable beautifully designed fonts.


19: Unity

If simplicity is the key element to stand out in the crowd and did it right, Unity certainly made it to the perfect example. This Rainmeter skin for desktop is a perfect combo of simplicity and functioning aspect. The skin comes with all the vital info displaying sub-elements as such Date and Time, Weather report, Media playback status and control bar, system folder shortcuts, etc.


20: Newspaper Desktop

This certain Rainmeter skin is specially designed with unique features and appearance. If you wish to tor something out of the box, this is it. If you manage to combine this skin with suitable wallpaper, it will give you a Newspaper-on-the-table like feeling. All the necessary system info as a form of modules are presented, adding to that, the skin also displays top news stories you may wish to have look at.


While some of the Windows themes tend to make your system a bit down in speed, we tried best to keep this issue out of the list. These best Windows Rainmeter skins available in 2018 will simply give your desktop a better look as well as allows you toggle with some handy sub-elements.

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