Watch your Favorite movies in Rainierland alternatives!

Hey! What are you doing this weekend?

Nothing much.

How about watching a movie? Or a Netflix web series?

Okay, that’s a good idea.

And watching it in Rainierland is perhaps the best idea!

What if you cannot accommodate it? What if you cannot reach out to the Rainierland because of poor internet connections or some other problems?

Does that mean you’ll miss out your favorite movie or web series for the weekend?

Definitely not!

Indeed Rainierland is the best, but if you cannot reach out to it, you need not sit with a long face. Let’s not waste a weekend.

Watch out the best alternatives Rainierland.

Your objective this Sunday is to watch a good movie or follow your favorite web series. If you can get it in some other medium, you do not avail the opportunity!

Just like Rainierland, the alternatives too, offer a lot of features.

The features are stated below:

  1. You can watch all movies in HD quality.
  2. Now, your favorite TV shows are no longer away from you.
  3. With the emergence of the Web series, alternative sites of Rainierland have adopted them too.
  4. You will never be interrupted by any ads or pop-ups.
  5. Their user interfaces too are very simple to handle.
  6. Searching the movies too is not problematic. Go to the search bar of any site, type the movie that you want to watch and press enter. It’s there!
  7. For the better understanding of the users, the website is divided into the following sections:
  • Search bar
  • Newly added movies
  • Most viewed movies
  • Movies according to genres
  1. Movie buffs can filter the movies according to the genre in which they are divided.
  2. Also, movies can be searched for in terms of their year of release.

That’s quite impressive!


It’s time to reveal the alternatives of Rainierland.

So, movie enthusiasts …

… Are you ready?

Three… two… one … GO!

Bob Movies

Bob movies is the first to hit the list.

It has a huge database. I bet you will get your favorite movie here. Whatever movies you want, just type it in the search bar and press enter!

Movies are divided according to the year of release, country and to which genre they belong to.

Besides movies, there is a long queue of super hit web series and TV shows as well.

Further, the kids too are entertained by the Bob Movies. Their favourite cartoon, animated series, and videos all belong to this one destination – the Bob Movies!

The movie streaming does not require much time. It is quite a speedy affair.

My Download Tube

This site is sure to amaze you. Whenever you visit this site, you will be at awe.

In fact, the site knows how to grab the attention of the viewers.

Trust me, this site has it all! It boasts of being one of the greatest hubs of newly launched TV series and TV shows. It helps you to keep up to date with the latest Hollywood content.

The greatest advantage of this site is that you can download movies without any disturbance.

It is a guaranteed that you will never run out of content in this site.

In case of downloading movies, you can download a movie half way and keep it aside. Later, when you are into the site again, you can start the download process from where it has been stopped.

Movies Co

Movies Co has an easy to handle user interface. You can easily navigate into it without any trouble.

And making searches for your favorite movies … oh! That’s a child’s play!

The site consists of three menus. Rather, the movies are divided into three categories. They are:

  • Popular movies
  • Newly released movies
  • Movie industries

Under the popular movies section, you will find the trending movies. You can download them too.

In the second team fall the newly released movies. Here you are offered with the latest movies that you can participate in the group chats with your friends. Truly, not being able to speak a word when in company of friends is really embarrassing.

In the last lap, you have the movie industries. This offers you to watch movies according to the production houses, directors, film makers, actors, etc.

Yes Movies

Just like Rainierland, Yes Movies is another similar site.

The site is filled up with latest TV series and movies. So, if you are a lover of both you will definitely love this site. And, this site too is going to satisfy you to the fullest!

The aim of Yes Movies is to satisfy its viewers always. Whether you are in search of the latest blockbusters or in need of downloading the recent TV show, everything is available under this roof!

Movies are offered as per genres and countries as well. You can go by either of the two.

Even you can find movies according to the ‘top viewed movies of the day’. The other available sections are – viewer’s top favorite, top rated movies, etc.


When you are in the aim of searching for a Rainierland alternative, you are sure to view the Vumoo.

After you log into it, you will find some of its features similar to the Netflix. The whole look of the website is very attractive.

For using this site, none of the viewers have to sign up or pay any charges. And this makes it one of the best alternative sites for streaming movies.

All the movie lovers, are you ready to dive into the sea of movies? If you are not, get ready soon!

Because… Vumoo has come up with a huge list of latest movies.

For the download process, click on the bold lighting icon. This will help to complete the download process faster.


This is another site carrying the same user interface like that of Netflix.

If you have a desire for Netflix but you cannot afford it, get hold of the Niter.

However, it is not just the user interface that will attract you to Niter, there are a lot more things.

Niter boasts of a huge collection of movies from across the globe. Therefore, regardless of whatever movie you choose, Niter has something or the else to gift you.

So, all the TV series enthusiasts know that Niter has a good collection of TV series.

Whenever you check up for the alternative sites of Rainierland, Niter will definitely pop-up.


If you want to watch movies in HD quality, come to Putlocker straightaway.

Although this site does not offer the download option, yet you can watch good movies in HD quality and without any money.

What makes it the best site is its instant streaming feature.

Regarded as one of the oldest movie sites, Putlocker offers you to choose movies from the thousands of free movies. Its user interface is growing every day.

All the movies are provided in the following qualities:

  • HD quality
  • Cam Quality
  • Other formats

While it has an awesome movie collection, you will fall in love with its latest TV shows and collection of web series.

You can enjoy all the seasons of your favorite TV series without any hitches.


Among all the alternative sites of Rainierland, this is an amazing one!

Regarding adult content, you need not worry about it. Hence, you can watch movies and other content with your kids.

It functions just like the other sites and has a vast database as well.

Streaming and downloading recent movies are not a big deal. Take a look at some of its features:

  • This site provides you the movies divide according to their genres like horror, comedy, thriller, romantic, and many more.
  • What makes this site unique is that you can search for movies by typing the director’s name in the search bar. To be more precise, movies can be searched by the name of the writer, actor and the year too.
  • Movies can be searched as per the latest trend, most ranked movies, and so on. This will save your time and provide you convenience too.

Isn’t that enough to watch good movies in the Xmovies8!


Looking for another alternative site to Rainierland? Go to the

Geeker has something more than movies. It consists of:

  • Films
  • Music
  • PDF
  • E-books

This website is the ultimate destination of an in and out website administration for downloading media content.

Want to know some of the important the features of Geeker? Here it is!

  • You are free to browse fully HD quality motion picture in Geeker.
  • Here installation and downloads can be carried out limitlessly. Enjoy unlimited music and e-books in this site.
  • Browse number on TV shows.
  • Go through multiple e-books, and PDF files.

All the new users, there is a good news for you.

You can try out Geeker for a month for free. This is a free trial period provided to all new users. After the expiry of one month, you will be charged for using the services of Geeker.


Just like others, this one too can be called as a good alternative to Rainierland.

Both streaming and installing of movies can be performed in this site. Not only does this site provide you movies, but also movies in a variety of languages. Choose whichever language you like!

You will get a lot of extensions of Fmovies such as the, and the like.

In case you find it difficult to access this site at once, you can take help of the extensions.

What about the superiority of the

Check out the features:

  • You will be able to view movies and TV shows in 13 different languages.
  • What’s best about this site is that it contains very less number of advertisements. So, you can watch the movies without any disturbance.


If you have any plan to watch movies this weekend, choose the Fmovies!


This is considered to be the quickest and the perfect site for watching media content.

All movies and shows are broadcasted in HD quality. The site is very easy to understand. Its simplicity will not make it difficult for you to use the site.

After you view this site, you will want to put off your television subscription. Instead, you will want Hubmovies to run for 24 x 7.

The highlights of this site are denoted below:

  • Not only is this site concerned for movies, but also for showcasing entertainment shows as well.
  • If you do not find any movie, just request for it. Once your request is noticed by the authority of the site, the movie will be uploaded soon.
  • You get completely notified about the recent updates of the upcoming movies and TV shows. Getting firsthand information you will know how much will be required to watch that particular show or movie. So, by the end of this week or on a holiday, you can finish off your work soon and sit for watching it. In short, you will be prepared to watch it with ample time.
  • Also, users are allowed to filter movies and shows of different genres.

This has so much in it! Why wait! Hurry up!

Movie Watcher

This is undoubtedly a superb website for streaming movies and TV shows.

Movie Watcher pays attention both to the quality and quantity of the media content that they are uploading in their site. Be it a small show or a big movie, the results are the best both by quality and quantity.

Its superiority is discussed below:

  • The site is a power pact site for entertainment. Also, it adds to your knowledge of movies. Be it a recent release or an old one, you will find everything here.
  • All the movies are designed according to their specific genres.
  • If you have missed out a single episode of a TV show, watch it here.

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