Best Phones With Smaller Screen

The world of smartphones is evolving at an alarming rate. Almost 80% of the world’s population is using a smartphone. If we see the evolution of smartphones the size of the phone is growing with their every new model. But it is not compulsory that all smartphone should be big in size. Generally, the new generation smartphones are all above 5 inches. But there are many who does not like this big size. So today we will discuss some of the best smartphones which are below the screen size of 5 inches.

Although being a small screen size these phones are loaded with huge power and higher built-in quality. Not only that we will give a description of the phone with their screen size too. It is said that it is not compulsory for a phone with a big screen will have the maximum powers. Even phones with small screen sizes come with much higher power as compared to that of the larger screen and today we will specifically discuss that.

List of Phones with Screen Size Less than 5 Inches.

Listed below are some of the best phones which are under 5 inches. The phones which I will discuss here are been used extensively and have received good response from different parts of the world.

I Phone 7

With a screen size of 4.7 inches, this phone is top on our list. The phones come loaded with all kinds of features like 2GB of RAM followed by an A10 chip which is one of the fastest to date. It gets a 12 MP camera at the rear and 7 MP at the front. The phone is also water resistance. You will even get the choice of storage which is as follows 32,128 and 256GB. A brand like Apple does not need any kinds of special introduction for their built-in quality. Now after this I am sure you got the answer that to be a good phone it is not compulsory to have a big screen.

I Phone SE

The I phone SE is another phone from I phone which is well known for its compatibility. This phone is almost the replica of the iPhone 5s. With a screen size of 4.0 inches, this phone turns out to be the best phone in terms of small screen size. The phone with an A9 chip which is a powerful chip followed by 2Gb of RAM and with following storage capacity of 16 and 64 GB. The front camera is 1.2 MP and the rear gets 12 MP which delivers a good Picture. But the most attractive thing about this phone is its screen size followed by a bunch of power loaded into it.

Samsung Galaxy A3

This Samsung phone is widely very famous with a screen size of 4.7 inches this phone has given a competition to other brands. The phone gets 2GB of RAM and runs on Android 6. The rear camera of the phone gets 13 MP and the front camera is of 8MP. The storage capacity of the phone is 16GB. The most attracting thing about the phone is its pricing which is kept quite less as compared to that of its other competitors. Here the highlight is that with a low price point Samsung has provided with a power pack that too in a decent screen size.

Sony Experia X Compact

If are searching for a power pack then this is the phone which you should choose. The Sony Experia x compact comes loaded with different types of features. The most attractive part of this phone is its screen size which is 4.6 inches and with this size it gets a powerful process which is of Snapdragon 650. The device gets a 3GB of RAM and a ROM of 32GB which is the best in the class. The front camera of the phone is of 5MP and the rear camera of the phone is of 23MP which delivers some of the best of the picture quality. This decent size screen makes you handle the phone very precisely. If we say about the built-in quality then there is no comparison with this phone and other as they use some of the best of the things on their phones.

I phone 6s

With a screen size of 4.7 inches, this is one of the most renowned phone which everyone should take a note. I phone 6s is the only phone which got the maximum amount of appreciation in the small screen phone segment. How much we say it will be less for this phone. The phone gets a 3D touchscreen facility which is first introduced in this phone. The phone also gets a 1Gb of RAM and comes with different ROM options like 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The screen size of the phone is the most attractive thing about this phone which makes it reach this level. Though this phone is not a new release it still has a huge follower and it is the most used Apple device until now.

Cat S60

Just like other small screen phones this phone to get the maximum benefiteth with its screen size. The screen size of this phone is about 4.7 inches which is quite a decent one. Though this phone is not much good looking many gave good reviews regarding this phone. The other most attracting thing about this phone is its toughness. The phone can easily survive a drop from 6feet and can easily stand working with a water dip of over 16 feet. There are many people who are just fond of this phone for its durability and its handy size. The touchscreen of the phone can work on any circumstance which makes it best in the class.

So these were some of the phones with small screen size which should take a look. There are many people across the globe who are just fond of compact phones. Now it is your turn to choose among one of those and make your work more accessibility with just a decent screen size. All the phones mentioned here are best in class and comes with a decent price point.

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