Best Phone of 2017: iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2

What would be the best phone for 2017? Will it be the Google Pixel 2 or the iPhone 8 or will it be the newly released Galaxy Note 8?

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2  : Since the iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2, and Galaxy Note 8 will expected to come out this year, the mobile business can prepare themselves for the battle between iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2. Fortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is released recently is making sales head start and it able to break pre order records.

Best Phone of 2017: iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2

However, Apple would be the next one to unveil their newest flagship which is the iPhone X (also known as iPhone 8) this coming September 12, 2017. And lastly, this coming October Google will also release Google Pixel 2, who will complete the competitive moment in smartphone market place. Android versus Apple is very well known issues between different technology companies, but every smartphone manufacturers will be competing for the best category of high-end smartphone and top market share.

Let us see how these three smartphones are being compared in terms of their display, camera, processor (CPU), storage capacity, price and other major features.

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Displav

The war between the three devices focuses on the displays that included on the devices. As we all know Samsung s very well known in releasing an amazing display technology. Like what they included in their recently released Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 has display screen of 6.3 inches of super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution. This allows the device to display 1,440 x 2,960 pixels which is close to other product that is available in current market place.

For the Google Pixel 2, Google will equip their new flagship with 5 inches display though the Google Pixel XL 2 which is expected larger than Pixel 2 will be having a 6 inches panel. The Google Pixel XL 2 and Pixel 2 will allegedly featuring a quad HD and full HD technology. We will be expecting that the two Google’s device will have a minor difference in terms of its resolution.

Likewise, the iPhone X will be using an OLED display. This would be the initial Apple device to use Quad HD display resolution. The iPhone 8 will be having a 5.8 inch display screen and it has always on display feature.

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Processor

Apple wants to improve the performance of their different devices. For them to achieve this goal they will be using the latest A11 processor on their next flagship. It would be possible that iPhone 8 will be having a quad core processor and it its clock speed will improve. But this is not confirmed that the device will be using the 64 bit ARM based system on its chip.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been associated to the latest Snapdragon as its processor, which is expected to be the greatest accomplishment for Google. But then Google Pixel 2 will equip using Snapdragon 835 processor just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 performs well because it is running an octa core processor.

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Camera

In terms of the mobile camera, users are choosing the device that has a good quality camera that is why every smartphone company is trying their best to improve the features of their camera.

According to report, Apple is working on developing enhance dual camera for the new iPhone 8, which is capable to capture even though the conditions of the light is very low. This improvement that was made by Apple is an answer to the Note 8, because Note 8 camera is better than iPhone 7 Plus.

The first released Google Pixel has an impressive camera that impresses a lot people, sadly Google decided to exclude the dual camera feature form the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. On the other hand, these devices are still capable and good for capturing a photo because of its price. Maybe there is a feature that replaces the dual camera.

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Storage

Storage is one of the important cores of mobile technology, improving the abilities of multimedia channels and escalating the amount of document s and files needs more storage. In terms of storage Google Pixel 2 and Note 8 are almost the same because they are expected both to carry a maximum storage of 128GB. And for Apple they are much known when it comes in providing larger storage on their devices. Hence, the storage space of every device depends on their particular pricing.

Best Phone of 2017 , iPhone 8 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Google Pixel 2 : Pricing

One big factor in choosing between the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 is based upon on their respective prices.

Between the three devices, Apple is considered the best manufacturer, even if Samsung releases different units and produces great devices. Apple is known to be the best manufacturer because their products are constantly sold out in the global market and they are going to continue once they iPhone 8 were already release.

According to some report the new iPhone will cost for about $1000 to $1,100 which is expensive compared to Note 8 that cost $950.

Google Pixel 2 is considered as high end smartphone with a middle range retail price. The Google Pixel 2 will cost $649 and the larger device will priced at $749. In this case Google will be able to weaken the rivalry.

Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 : Major Features

The battle between the three devices will surely focus on adding new features. And it is been reported that the developers of the three devices is working using different unique technology.

Accessing the documents, files and streaming videos in a bigger screen or also known as DeX docking station was included in Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung.

Apple also introduces augmented reality and wireless charging to the new iPhone 8 and better security function.

Google Pixel 2 will be featuring squeezable edges, which allows the user to open the Google assistant and other features. This year Google has serious plans for the Google Pixel 3, and even next Pixel can overcome the iPhone 2018.

Who wins the battle between iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2?

As we all know, Samsung always gives a device with exceptional specifications just like the recent the Galaxy Note 8. Based on reports, Apple is not yet closing the gap between Samsung devices. While Google Pixel 2 will be using Snapdragon 836 as its processor and offers the lowest price among the three. This might be sufficient to launch the device as a majority competitor.


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