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OnePlus 6 cases: The newly launched OnePlus 6 is not only one of the great smartphones you can buy but also one of the stylish phones on the market. It has a really big display of 6.28-inch and a premium design. It is bigger and better any other phones launched by OnePlus, and also it has an iPhone X style notch. With its tiny bezels and a glass back, OnePlus 6 looks great, but that also means it’s more breakable than other OnePlus devices. When this phone falls it can shatter into pieces and leaves you with a costly repair. So, it makes sense that we should protect this phone from being damaged. As a result, you should use a case to keep your phone safe and secure, but lots of people are confused while choosing the best case for their OnePlus 6.

There are different types of OnePlus 6 cases to protect your phone and keep it looking as new as day one. In this post, we offer everything from heavy-duty protection, flip cases, super thin cases, and affordable cases. In the market, you will find some cases as low as $5, which is better than leaving your phone caseless. Or, you can also spend a little more for durable and strong cases. OnePlus has also launched the cases for its devices which can best option for budget shoppers. But there are also third-party manufacturers that are producing great cases for OnePlus 6. A perfect case will help prevent your OnePlus 6’s camera and back from being damaged or keep scratch-free, also make it easier to hold your phone by providing awesome grip.

Best 9 cases for OnePlus 6

  1. OnePlus 6 Bumper Cases

OnePlus is a company that offers quality accessories for its phones, and for the OnePlus 6, OnePlus has released four great cases options at launch. OnePlus 6 Bumper case is one of its examples. This Bumper case blends a soft woven texture fabric with hard Polycarbonate shell to protect your phone. And it uses a soft TPU material on the sides and corners for a solid protective shell. The best thing about this case is that it comes in three different designs (Nylon, Karbon, and EbonyWood).

OnePlus 6 Bumper cases

All these bumper cases are a bit larger than earlier OnePlus cases, but they ensure a perfect fit covering the phones from all sides and also provides a great user experience. This case makes the phone easier to hold, and resists drops, scratches, fingerprints and more without compromising the sleek design of the phone.

The Bumper case is available now at the OnePlus store for $24.95 for the Nylon and $29.95 for the Karbon and Ebony Wood designs.

  1. OnePlus 6 Protective Case

Another great OnePlus 6 case designed by OnePlus itself is OnePlus 6 Protective Case. It is even thinner than Bumper case and more lightweight. It doesn’t fully cover the buttons or the top and bottom of the phones, but certainly make OnePlus 6 stand out by protecting the sides, the back and the screen of your phone. Available in two different color options, one is the Karbon and the other is Sandstone.

OnePlus 6 Protective case

This case is perfectly designed to match the OnePlus 6 and also offers reliable protection without adding any bulk to the phone. It isn’t the most durable case for OnePlus 6, but something is better than nothing. And it is also one of the affordable OnePlus cases designed by OnePlus.

You can get the Sandstone style for $19.95 and the Karbon for $24.95.

  1. OnePlus 6 Flip Cover

The Flip cover is one of the bigger cases for the OnePlus 6 launched by OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 flip cover is made of PU leather and covers the entire phone, but you can easily flip the cover to use the phone. And the cover’s other side has the slot designed to hold your important cards or even cash enabling you to go without a wallet. Plus, it has a smart feature that locks or unlock the phone automatically just by closing or opening the cover.

OnePlus 6 Flip Cover

The flip cover feels soft and very nice to the touch. It is slim and lightweight case compatible with OnePlus 6 only. Suitable for those who love the look and design of a folio wallet case.

You can get this OnePlus 6 case directly from OnePlus just for $19.95.

  1. TUDIA Arc Slim

TUDIA is another brand which produces cases for OnePlus 6 to keep your phone safe and new. It is made of high-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU Shell that makes cases extremely durable and also provides a soft comfortable grip for OnePlus 6. It offers a lot of protection while still remaining pretty slim and lightweight. The case also has raised edge on the back which prevents the twin camera and fingerprint sensor from getting scratched when you placed the phone on the table or surface.

TUDIA Arc Slim case

The TUDIA case has the unique design that enables to access all the buttons, ports, and controls without having to remove the case. The case uses TPU material that helps to absorbs impact drops. This case comes in different color options including blue, grey and black. If you are the budget conscious user then TUDIA case is a great option for your OnePlus 6.

You can but this case on Amazon for $7.90.

  1. Otterbox Commuter Series

Otterbox is one of the best-known phone case makers in the market. Otterbox prides themselves on launching some of the best durable and rugged cases on the market. The commuter series is neither too thick nor too thin, a perfect middle ground to keep the OnePlus 6 looking new. This is a slim and strong dual-layer case that includes a polycarbonate shell on the outside and a synthetic rubber slipcover that goes inside the hard shell.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Additionally, the Otterbox commuter case for OnePlus 6 will keep your phone well protected while covering all of the ports and buttons of your phone. Also, it is slim enough so that you can easily put the OnePlus 6 in your pocket. The only downside of this case is that it is quite pricey as compared to other OnePlus 6’s cases. You can get it now in two different color options, indigo, and black.

You can get yours from Otterbox for $39.95.

  1. Ringke OnePlus 6 case

Another brand that makes best OnePlus 6 cases is Ringke. It is made of a highest quality clear polycarbonate back and premium thermoplastic polyurethane bumpers providing easy grip and comfortable handling. It also contains enhanced anti-scratch and dual coating features to keep your phone safe without covering its design. Also, there is a raised around the edge of the camera, display and fingerprint sensor to keep everything scratch-free.

Ringke OnePlus 6 case

The Ringke OnePlus 6 case has a dual layer of transparent TPU material that protects your entire phone from drops and accidental falls. It keeps your device light and minimal even while providing maximum protection. With a shock-absorbent cushion design and a military-grade protection, this case covers the phone from all sides without covering its stylish good looks. And also it gives an entire second layer of drop protection. Overall, one of the excellent case for OnePlus 6.

The customers can get the crystal clear version of this case for $10 and Smokey black version for $11.

  1. TopACE OnePlus 6 case

TopACE is another brand we’ve used for years for protecting our smartphones. This case is made of high-quality material to keep you’re your device scratch-free and safe from everyday bumps. It is thin, lightweight, cheap, and easy to install, just fold it on the phone and are all set. Also, the precise cutouts and molding enable easy to access all the available ports, controls and buttons.

TopACE OnePlus 6 case

The TopACE cases use the blend of TPU with a reinforced gel so that you can keep your phone safe and show off the stylish good looks of your OnePlus 6. It also uses dustless matte UV painting technology which gives them very fashionable looks without showing fingerprints and a dot matrix. This case is the perfect combination of style and durability. Comes in four different colors: black, blue, red, and gold.

You can buy it now on Amazon just for $6.99.

  1. Dretal OnePlus 6 case

The next product in our best OnePlus 6 cases list is Dretal Carbon Fiber TPU case designed by Dretal, a popular case manufacturer that makes cases for almost every smartphone that gets released. This case is made of Carbon Fiber at the top and bottom, and anti-scratch TPU rubber with glossy accents. The case is thin, lightweight, stylish, and easy to install. While this case is all TPU, provides outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.

Dretal OnePlus 6 case

The Dretal case is a cheap, affordable, yet durable case backed with 30 days replacement warranty. The case has finish design with a faux brushed metal which gives it a nice look, and a matte finish to resist fingerprints and smudges. In addition, this case is available in four beautiful colors.

The Dretal Carbon Fiber TPU case is priced at $7.68 on Amazon.

  1. Wellci OnePlus 6 case

Another brand that produces some pretty great and affordable cases for OnePlus 6 is Wellci. This OnePlus 6 cases offers a dual-layer clear hybrid case and give lots of protection. On the back of your phone, you have a flexible and clear hard acrylic cover that protects the phone, but you can still see the back of the phone. It offers raised portions on the front to keep your screen safe when you place your phone on the surface, a raised edges on the back to keep your cameras and fingerprint sensor safe.

Wellci OnePlus 6 case

The precise and raised cutouts keep the buttons tactile, and also it comes in clear with a color-matched bumper. This case has a slim design, but still, handle falls and drops to keep the OnePlus 6 protected. Compatible with OnePlus 6 only. Personally, I have used this case, and it might be my favorite case yet.

You can pick up one now just for $8.99 on Amazon.


These are the best OnePlus 6 cases to protect your phone from drops and scratches, and keep it looking new. If you want to keep your phone safe, one of the above-mentioned cases is highly recommended. You can choose from these 9 best OnePlus 6 cases. Let us know which case you have selected to keep your OnePlus 6 protected in the comments below.

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