Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

A lot similar to PSP and GameBoy, Nintendo DS is one of the most popular handy consoles and is very much popular among gaming enthusiasts. Nintendo brings many of the interesting handheld games as such ModernWarfare 3, Star Wars, Pokemon mystery, Ben 10, and many more. Apart from all the best Android games, you get from Play Store, if you wish to give a try on the Nintendo DS games, here are the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android you will need for that.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

The Nintendo DS is still under development and merely comes fully functional user experience and controls. Nevertheless, the gaming system improving over the time and in the near future, we are expecting to see some great gaming experience with the Nintendo DS.

With an Android mobile in hand, you can use any of these best Nintendo DS emulators and have fun any of the best NDS games.

DraStic DS Emulator

The very first and best Nintendo DS available for Android devices is DraStic. The emulator comes with some of the most useful features in playing NDS games on an Android phone or tab and gives you full control over the game. The emulator supports almost any additional controller and its fast-forward ability helps you increase gaming speed. Two gaming modes are available with DraStic DS emulator, one is landscape mode and other is portrait mode. The emulator created by Exophase also lets you save your games for later plays on the Google Drive. It is certainly a great NDS emulator to have which costs only $5.


Another one of the best Nintendo DS emulators is NDS Boy. The only drawback 0f this NDS emulator is that it does not support some of the older or unknown duplicate devices. However, almost all kind of game file format is supported by NDS Boy emulator. It also automatically saves your games so that you don’t need to worry of error or crash during a gameplay.  For a smooth gaming experience with NDS Boy for Android, you are suggested to have at least 2GB RAM and a quad-core processor or better on your Android device.


For enjoying Nintendo DS games on Android devices, NDS4Droid is another great emulator that comes at no cost. It comes with sounds and auto-save features that lets y9ou have an awesome gaming experience while you can rest assured that every step f your game is saved. You can restart the game anytime from where you left it.


RetroArch is an open source platform where you can not only play NDS games on Android but also create your own programs, emulators, and games. It runs any Nintendo DS game perfectly on your Android device and no cost is taken for it. It’s a bit different from the rest of Nintendo DS emulators for Android but certainly, a must have one.

NDS Emulator

If you running the latest Android device that is powered by Android version 6.0 or better, this NDS Emulator for Android should be your best catch so far. Both the .zip and .nds files are supported by this program and almost every Nintendo DS game can be played on your Android devices perfectly. This emulator also supports all additional controllers.


If you are looking for a free NDS emulator for Android, EmuBox is one of the best you can download from Play Store. The emulator is a new runner in the field and supports controls like Nintendo DS, SNES, and PlayStation. This is a clean program with very fewer issues, the only thing that makes it glitch is too many cheat code uses.


Summing it Up

Android is without a doubt a vast world for us where we can do almost anything and we can get almost everything. While there are so many games available for Android in Play Store, you still can have the fun of some handheld games using these Nintendo DS emulators for Android.

Most of these Android emulators are free to download and use, and are available on Play Store. Pick any one of these enlisted NDS emulators, and add it to your Android gaming collection. Had an issues using these emulators? Feel free to ask.

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