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We have to accept this fact, Android devices are much cheaper than iOS. In short, buying an iOS device is a yet-to-be-real dream of many. Not all of us are capable of buying an iPhone. This financial inability shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can afford an Android phone. The Android ecosystem brings to you many paths to access other OS worlds as well. As of talking about iOS Emulator for AndroidiOS, this is the best way you can have the fun out of iOS apps on your Android devices.

Most of the app developers make sure their app can be accessible from cross-platform. However, there are many great apps available only in iOS platform. Literally, to access those apps from Android, one has to make use of iOS emulator.

Then again, the quality of iOS emulator is important to avoid system freeze or malware infections. I am sure, the best iOS emulators for Android enlisted here will feed your need at best.

Best iOS Emulator for Android

Does the Emulator thing sound new to you?

In general, an Emulator’s task is to help running apps, software, games built for another OS in one OS. Let’s assume, you wish to play the games built for PlayStation on your Android device. Basically, that isn’t possible unless you use PlayStation Emulators for Android. In the same manner, if you wish to run iOS Apps on your Windows computer, you can get help of iOS Phone Emulators for Windows PC.

In a nutshell, an Emulator is a doorway from one OS ecosystem to another.

As long as running iOS apps on Android device is concerned, I have a handful collection of best iOS emulators for Android.

1: Cyder

Cyder certainly is one of the best iOS emulators for Android with many features we can count on. The emulator has a very simple user interface. It runs tons of iOS apps for Android without any hassle. There are no limitations on running iOS apps for Android using Cyder. Cyder itself is entirely cost-free and no in-app purchase is required to use the emulator for Android.0

2: iEMU

Another one of the best iOS Emulators for Android is iEMU. It is also called Pariod. iEMU is capable of running all types of iOS apps on Android ecosystem. No service charge is required for using the emulator. The emulator works fine on both the non-rooted and rooted Android phone.

The only drawback of the emulator is that it takes much of RAM. Which means your device has to contain more than 1GB RAM for running the emulator seamlessly. On the other hand, eliminating other running apps from background may help in speeding up the emulator.

3: IOSEmus

This one is quite good for running iOS apps on Android with all the available apps are categorized at right places. The emulator also comes with many themes to customize with. It also has a decent user interface that can be operated flawlessly. The Emulator though is downloadable absolutely free of cost.


This one is a lot different from the rest. It is a web-based iOS emulator which helps you run iOS apps on Android phones. The emulator doesn’t require rooting your Android to get the apps running. The best thing about this emulator as being cloud-based, it can run iOS apps on any operating system including Windows. All you have to do is go to via your device browser.

5: All In One iOS Emulator

This is the last but not least iOS emulator you can try for Android. Besides other iOS apps and games running on your Android phone, this emulator is known for getting your Android access to Siri AI. Using the emulator, you can get hands dirty on paid iOS apps on Android for free. Its UI may not look much attractive compared to the rest, but certainly is a worth trying.

Final Words:

When you have the access to these best iOS emulators for Android, you don’t have to own an iPhone to use iOS apps. All of these apps are free and comes with a decent user interface to play with. If your Android phone comes with mid-range specs, I am sure all of these iOS emulators would work perfectly fine.


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