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Mobile gaming is upgraded to an extent. On the Google Play Store, there are many games that can be downloaded for free. Apart from free games, there are many paid games too. Games are updated frequently with many features and updated controls.  Among all genres of games, popular are those games which are engaging and challenging. Mostly engaging games comes with lots of features which is comfortable in controlling with mobile touch. To lift your experience on mobile gaming with better controls there are many game controllers application available to download for free.

For better control of your game, you just need a game controller. Among many controllers available out there, you need to choose best game controller. But it is very hard to find controllers that will give you better controls as compared to traditional mobile game controllers.

As per my personal experience and overall gamers review I have enlisted here some best game controller for Android which will surely help you to score more of android mobile gaming.

Best Game Controller for Android

1: Steel Series Stratus XL

It is a very popular Bluetooth gaming controller which will give you the same gaming experience as Xbox. With a nice design and heavy plastic material making it a best Bluetooth gamepad in the market. It looks like Xbox but the interface and layout make it very similar to Play Station. This controller includes two different joysticks and a d-pad. It also contains two triggers, two shoulder, and action buttons. It is one of the best controllers for Android but it is also compatible with PC. Many controllers are facing problem on charging but with this game controller you can play minimum 10 hrs continuously.

2: Power A Moga

It is one of the oldest game controllers developed for Android devices. It is popular for its functionality and also for its easy controlling technology. It comes with analog sticks, d-pad, shoulder and action buttons. The layout and overall structures of this controller are the same as of Xbox.  The body and structure of this controller are made of plastics that help users to have a perfect grip. This is developed by SMRT Lock and keeps it very easy for gamers to connect to their smartphones. The battery backup of this controller is good as it comes with 1800 mAh battery and on a full charge, you can play games for several hours.


If you want a fully functional wireless game controller then 8bITDO is another great choice. The device weighed only 50 grams and its layout is impressive. It comes with four types of action buttons, d-pad, trigger, and shoulder buttons. Since this controller includes Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect it with PC, laptop, smartphones, and tablet. It is also compatible with iPhones and iPad which is another reason for its popularity. The battery of this controller is 180 mAh which helps its users to play the game flawlessly for 18hours. It also contains a micro USB port for which you can charge it directly from your mobile.

4: Xiaomi

Xiaomi as we all know, it is a popular mobile brand but you might have no idea that it also develop gaming controllers. The controller of Xiaomi is affordable and quite handy. It comes with a compact design that consists of android, trigger, action and shoulder buttons. It is available on all leading online store and on the official site of Xiaomi. It has a very unique feature; it is its gravity sensor and vibration feedback. On a full charge, you can play more than 18 hours and on the meantime if you go on ideal position than it automatically goes to standby mode. It is compatible with all android devices and on all Android OS. Not only of Android phones, it also worked same as on Android TV.

5: 8BITDO Zero

It is another wireless mobile gaming controller which comes with all gaming controls for flawless gaming. It is a portable gaming controller and comes with all types of buttons that need to present on a game controller. Its size is 6.7×1.4 inch which is small as compared to others but you will have all the essential functionalities on it. It consists of a USB charging port that helps you to charge this controller directly through your smartphone.


We all love to play games on mobile and there are many genres of the game available. Some games come with very compact controls which might interrupt on your gaming. There are many gaming devices like Playstation, Xbox but android gaming controllers also can give you the same pleasure.  In online stores like Amazon you will have different choices but here in this topic, I have listed those are affordable and rich in functionality.


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