8 Best Earbuds Under 100$

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Choosing a suitable pair of earbuds can be tough and more so when you’re on a budget limit. Sometimes you can’t spend over a certain amount while sometimes you don’t want to. And that’s perfectly justified. With 100$ it seems like there aren’t a lot of options. But that’s straight up wrong. 100$ can get you a lot more than you think, but only if you’re looking in the right place.

Here we have prepared a list of the 8 best earbuds for under 100$ that cover a varieties of categories and styles. If you’re looking to make the best out of your 100$ budget, this list will be of significant help.

1. 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds: They offer incredible sound quality and have an ergonomic design.

Who they’re for: Those who want a better alternative to expensive earbuds options including Apple’s earpods and excellent efficiency in working environment.

About 1More Stylish True Wireless: The 1More Stylish True Earbuds are arguably one of the best earbuds you can find in the market. These incredibly built Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX and AAC integrated earbuds puts other earbuds to shame. Most of the times Wireless audio can’t deliver the quality wired audio can. However these highly optimized wireless pair of earbuds have all that features that revoke this scrutiny.

Along with the performance, their battery capacity is second to none. On a single charge, you get upto 6.5 hours of continuous play/talk time. You get upto 24 hours worth of battery with the case after one full charge. To make things even better, with 15 minutes of charge time, it runs for additional 3 hours.

These lightweight earbuds are perfectly angled to naturally fit in your canals. Athletes and gym-goers are in for a sweet deal as this earbud has a sweat proof and water resistant design. They can handle the battering of an extreme workout. Plus with their incredible battery capacity, stress of them running out of power mid-work is inexistent. The titanium composite dynamic driver use in it produces crystal clear sound with enhanced efficiency .

2. Shure SE 215-K

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Shure SE 215-K: They produce immersive sound with great bass quality.

Who they’re for: Those who prefer richness of bass in their music like metal heads, rock music lovers and such.

About Shure SE 215-K : Shure SE 215-K is a sound isolating earphones precisely engineered to combine clear audio with deep bass. The sound isolating design eliminates noise and helps you create a music dimension of your own. Whether you’re on a busy street or in a office space, they wipe out noise and let you have a pristine experience.These durable pair of earphones withstand stress, stretch and wear and tear. You can put it on test in heat or sweat, they won’t disappoint you.

These Shure SE 215-K earphone are integrated with single dynamic drivers to give you bass heavy music. Moreover, the Kevlar reinforced cables prevent tangles. You can even detach them for ease of use. For general day to day use, 99$ for these earphones is a massive bargain.

3. Langsdom True Wireless X7

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Langsdom True Wireless X7: They are comfortable, have light weight and provide good sound quality for the price.

Who they’re for: Those who’re looking for a budget earbuds with comfortable and convenient use.

About Langsdom True Wireless X7: Simple to operate, affordable, lightweight are features that make Langsdom True Wireless X7 one of the most affordable quality earbuds that you can find in the market today.

The highlight of this earbuds is the smart touch control which makes the operation of the device really easy. For instance, you can press and hold both the earpiece to turn them on. Langsdom True Wireless X7 fit perfectly in one’s ears doing a good job of noise cancellation. Integrated with Bluetooth 4.2 with TWS tech, this device provides quick and stable connection.

However there are downsides of this earbuds. They have a short battery life of only 2 hours on a single charge. Comparatively that’s not too bad considering the price it comes for.

4. Treblab X2

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Treblab X2: They provide incredibly comprehensive sound with a really good battery backup.

Who they’re for: Those who want earbuds with futuristic design with ultra HD sound. Not for those who love high bass music.

About Treblab X2: Treblab X2 is a stylish, easy on the eye earbuds with spectacular sound quality. Although it seems like the focus was given on its design, the audio it provides is equally nice.

In hope of giving earpieces a sleek and modern design, companies often forget about the comfort while using them. However the earbuds come with ear hooks for them to fit snugly in your ear and give comfort. These ear hooks prevent earpieces from falling off while you’re intensely working. They are made from Berrylium, a material significantly improves the quality of the product. It gives a thrilling 3D sound in which all tone are audible.

The battery backup is good too. It takes 3 hours to be fully charged and can operate for up to 10 hours. The only limitation this device has is the lack of proper bass quality.

5. Bose SoundTrue In-ear

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Bose SoundTrue In-ear : They are tonally balanced and have secure and comfortable design.

Who they’re for: Those who like bass rich music or run/work out. If you’re looking for a good built quality then it could be for you too.

About Bose SoundTrue In-ear : Bose SoundTrue have a huge reputation of being a reliable sports earbuds. The StayHair technology design gives it comfort and stability while in use. The open design is slouchy yet secured. You might even forget you’re wearing your earbuds.

If you wear earbuds during work outs, this could be a really good choice for you. It comes with a strong solid build case for storage. However the treble on these are not good. The bass performance is good tough.

Although the sound quality is really good, the volumes in these earbuds are 10% lower than that of a standard earphone. The noise cancellation isn’t amazing but it isn’t terrible. Bose as a company are known to provide great sound quality produstc and they’ve done the same with Bose SoundTrue In-ear .

6. Sennheiser Momentum in-ear

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Sennheiser Momentum in ear: They provide powerful bass, clear audio and great mid range tone.

Who they’re for: People who enjoy a varied genre of music and those who listen dubstep, electro etc.

About Sennheiser Momentum in ear: Sennheiser momentum is a high quality earbuds with a unique eye catching design. They provide excellent bass and treble that your normal earphones cannot even compete with. The sheer quality of audio they produce is energetic and puts a lot of big league earbuds to shame.

The amazing sub-bass and bottom end technology provides bass without ruining the audio quality even when the volume is high. Besides the recessed mids, there’s not really another con of this earbuds.

7. 1More Triple Drive-in

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why 1More Triple Drive-in: Lightweight high resolution earphones with bass driven sound.

Who they’re for: Audiophiles who prefere listening to crisp and clear music

About 1More Triple Drive-in: These triple driver incorporated earphones provide a serene listening experience from deep bass to scorching high. Designed by a competent group of sound engineers, these earphones provide great quality for that price.

1More Triple Drive-in come with a 3 button layer for easy and intelligent control. The noise isolation and comfort these device provide is equally amazing. Since these earphones aren’t wireless, the cables get tangled easily. The buttons are made up of plastic so they rather feel cheap. However, they are anything but cheap. These earphones are incredibly built so they’re really durable and can be of use for a long time.

8. Klisch R6 Neckband

8 Best earbuds under 100$

Why Klisch R6 Neckband: They provide a unique high end design with durability

Who they’re for: Those who’re looking to avoid tangling wires with heavy bass without bleeding issues.

About Klisch R6 Neckband: Expertising on design with padded leather bands, these earphones have rightly angled earpiece that snuggle rightly in your ears. Although they look like they have heavy weight, they’re incredibly designed to be really light.

With Bluetooth 4.0, pairing is done in matter of seconds. Both the high end and low end capability is super clean. The sound quality is quite well too. The battery in Klisch R6 Neckband can last for 18 hours. However the sound stage quality can be argued to be not up to it. Audiophiles wouldn’t be a big fan of this drawback.

These were the 8 best earbuds you can buy for under 100$. If you were looking to buy one for you, we hope this list helped narrowed down your picks and helped you choose a suitable one.

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