Best Dropbox Alternatives

With all the new gadgets launching every day there is a common issue which everyone come across that is storage. Although there are options on the devices to increase our storage in some cases, even that storage space doesn’t work out. At that crucial time, Dropbox comes into action by providing a virtual storage system which is the cloud storage system. There are many people across the globe who are in use of the service from the dropbox and have given positive feedback. The Dropbox system is quite responsive and comes in handy with all kinds of users.

Starting from its setting to features and storage facility, everything is just awesome to use on. Now the question is what are the other alternatives for the Dropbox app. So here we shall provide you with an information on the best of the alternatives of the dropbox system which will help you know what are the options you can choose from. We shall also provide you with all the details about the system and how they work on.

Best Dropbox Alternatives

Here we shall guide you on with the information on what are the alternatives options which are available in the market to store your data.

  • Google drive-

There can no other best alternatives then google drive which can match up with the dropbox. The Google drive works same as the dropbox and comes loaded with the same power and feature like the dropbox system. The easy sign up followed by the easy storage system on the Google drive makes this system a great alternative. Now the question is why we should choose Google drive if both of them are the same. Then let me inform you Google drive comes with the free service which has a storage space up to 15Gb which is quite a good space to look on. Whereas if we see the dropbox it comes with only free access to 2GB only which gives the Google drive a clear lead. The easy accessibility and storage facility on this system is great and much easy as compared to that of the drop box. You can even get access to different Google tools which are present here.

  • Tresorit-

For those who are security conscious then Tresorit is what they should look on to. This is the most secure and most developed storage system which you can get. The company even claims that those who can break its security they will be given $50,000 which is quite a good offer to look on. This shows how strong the system is and how confident the owner is with their security system. The team of the Tresorit system very conscious about their security as many important people keep their file on this system. Unlike other systems like the dropbox or the google drive where the system is not encrypted here the system is fully secured and is an end to end encrypted which means no one can get a peak on this system. The zero-knowledge authentication system makes the service providers erase the password and encryption key to get the best of the security feature.

  • One drive-

This amazing service is from Microsoft which means there will be something special for the users. Just like the drop box, the one drive system allows users to give the best of the storage feel which they need. But there are some things which makes the one drive special from other that is its free service which provides over 15GB free space to their users and allows them to get an easy storage facility. With all the latest security features and standards mentioned out here makes the system a great place to look on. what makes the system special is its plans. Users can get their plan on their convenience they desire for not on what is already set like the dropbox and Google drive. Here users can choose a plan on their required data they need to store on which gives it a lead on the market. The system has some special plans for the student zone too making it much more convenient for the users to use it.


So these are some of the best alternatives which you can choose for the alternatives for Dropbox. These alternatives are best in the class and have some of the great features too look on. Storing your desired items got so easy and secure with these alternatives. So hurry to get a try on those depending upon your requirement’s and store your files easily without any worry.


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