Best desktop speakers under 100

best desktop speakers under 100

Best desktop speakers under 100 : The Bluetooth speakers have emerged as one of the best choices for the music lovers. You can connect the speakers to any device and enjoy music to the fullest. Nowadays there are a lot of affordable Bluetooth speakers that you will come across in the market but it is really difficult to pick one of them. The speakers not only differ in features or the sound quality but price range is quite varying. It becomes tricky to understand whether you should go for the cheap ones or the expensive speakers.

Keeping in mind the confusion that the people go about, here we have picked the top Bluetooth speakers for you that are not just good in design but you will be able to enjoy excellent sound quality as well. The best part is the budget as all range around $100 and it is a pretty decent amount to go for. So here are some of the best desktop speakers under 100 that you can explore, compare and buy one for yourself.

  1. UE Roll 360 – The first name which makes into the list is the UE Roll 360 which has a funky design with powerful construction that makes it a durable choice. The battery backup is nice and the Bluetooth connectivity is up to 70 feet which is really good. It is available in several shades and colours so you can pick whichever looks great to you. The best part is its compact design with waterproof feature. The sound is clean even at high volumes and this is what the people look for. In all a worth making choice for all the music lovers out there.
  2. Soundfreaq Sound kick 2 – This model is the upgraded version of the kick model which came out in 2012. The best part is that the speaker now comes with enhanced sound which is loud but at the same time very clear. The sleek design of the speaker is sure to grab your attention with its treble being really excellent. There are special ports in it which can be used for charging the iphone. It is definitely one of the well-designed computer speakers that you will come across in the market.
  3. JBL Flip 4 – JBL flip series has gained a lot of popularity with a number of models being launched in this range. Flip 4 is definitely an updated version of the earlier one with a few added features in it. The battery backup is something that you will admire as you listen music for hours without any interruption. The sound is really clear and loud thus giving you a high bass. Comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect number of devices and enjoy music in sync. So it is surely a great speaker to choose for your home.
  4. Sony SRS XB2 – Sony speakers are known for its slim design and the powerful sound, this is the reason that its speakers are so much loved by the people. If you too are looking for an awesome choice, XB2 surely gives you the advantage over the others. The sound quality is high with the design features being really appreciable. The extra bass which you go is something you will admire. Its name has been given because of its feature only and called XB2. In all you can say that it is a nice model to go for without any doubt.
  5. Anker Soundcore Sport XL – Lastly you have another superb choice to go for and it is the Anker Sport XL model which has a number of control functions which you can use to adjust the volume, change the tracks, forward, backwards etc. The battery backup is pretty good and you will love the device as it is value for money. The model is a durable one packed with Bluetooth feature. The price is quite in your budget as it is somewhat around $70. So you have the most budgeted option before you and that too with all the necessary features.

So if Bluetooth speakers is your choice, here are the 5 best options that you can explore. You can have a look at all of them, compare the features and then decide which speaker is ideal for your needs and the budget both.

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