Best Cheap Headphones (Under $100) to buy in 2019

The days of spending tons of money just to get good quality headphones is over. Devices of all size and any price range are getting great lately with no exception to the budget category. While sometimes back you wouldn’t get anything but crap under $100, the story’s quite different these days. Shockingly or not, the quality of these “cheap” products have gotten significantly better.

If you don’t to create a big hole in your pocket just for a headphone, this is the right place you’ve come to. We’ve delicately handpicked some of the best headphones under $100 that can do your work just fine. People often assume that cost equals quality and honestly, they’re not entirely wrong. However there are cheap headphone that are equally good if not better than the more expensive ones.

This collection of the Best Cheap Headphones deals with varieties of categories and styles so that you can find the suitable option for you. Whether you’re tired of breaking your expensive headphones or want to dive into the world of good audio for less money or just looking to gift someone, you can find a viable choice for you here. So without further ado, let’s jump and explore this list.

Best Overall

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Best Cheap Headphones (Under $100)

Why Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT: Solid value for what it costs.

Who they’re for: Those who want good sound performance with comfortable deisgn for a cheap price.

About Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT : Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT is the truly best headphone under $100 we have tested so far. We were actually amazed at how good it is for what it costs. This headphone gives a strong bass performance with good high frequency quality that produces a balanced sound. People who’re looking for a minimal designed device will love its circumirial, closed back design. The earpads are nice and thick giving users proper comfort while using the headphone.

Moreover this headphone is integrated with aptX for smooth audio transmission and Hi-Fi sound. Although this headphone lacks noise cancellation and has some sound profile issues, you’d have a really hard time finding a better headphone under $100 than Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT.

Price: $93.95


  • Easy to Operate
  • Clean style
  • High quality Wireless sound
  • Good bass depth


  • Comfort Issues
  • Sculpted Sound Signature
  • Not inline Remote

Best for Sports

Plantronics Backbeat 500 Fit

Best Cheap Headphones (Under $100)

Why Plantronics Backbeat 500 Fit: Best for listening to music while doing sports related tasks that involve sweat.

Who they’re for: People looking to buy a sweat resistant headphone for gym, running, and other sports.

About Plantronics Backbeat 500 Fit: Plantronics Backbeat 500 Fit are a workout friendly pair of headphones that are sweat resistant. They are coated with P2i Water repellent coating that work excellently to avoid moisture from letting in. Sound wise, they give balanced sound performance with clear definition between high and low tunes. They even handle bass really well. With 18 hours of listen time, it gives a really good battery backup. Moreover, Plantronics Backbeat 500 Fit has features like DeepSleep mode, On-ear Controls, Plantonics Signature audio etc.

Price: $74.04


  • Sweat and Moisture Protection
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Lightweight


  • Poor Noise Isolation
  • Built with cheap materials
  • Questionable durability

Best for Gaming

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Best Cheap Headphones (Under $100)

Why Turtle Beach Recon 200: Suited for action and shooter games with amplified audio.

Who they’re for: Preferably gamers looking for a inexpensive headset solution.

About Turtle Beach Recon 200: Turtle Beach Recon 200 is an amazing headphone perfectly suited for people who need headphone for gaming. Its amplified audio and boosted bass provide an amazing gaming sound expereince you can immerse yourself into. This carbon-fiber styled headphone provide galore of featues for a ehadphone taht doenst even cost a hundred bucks. It delivers a crisp sound performance with proper sound surround backing by Dolby Atnos and Windows Sonis. While it is good in the sound production departmenet, they are equally good in mic monitoring aspects. The mic is good for chatting during games but bear in mind it won’t provide pdcast level clear performance.

Price: $51.80


  • Robust construction for durability
  • Flip-to-mute mic
  • Attractive design
  • Great bass


  • Clammy earcups
  • Comfort issues
  • Unsatisfying Mid-low range sounds

Best for Noise cancellation

Anker SoundCore Space NC

Best Cheap Headphones (Under $100)

Why Anker SoundCore Space NC: For opting out noises when listening to sound without having to pay big bucks.

Who they’re for: Those who prefer their music without outer disturbances.

About Anker SoundCore Space NC: When talking about noise cancelling headphones for under $100, we guarantee you won’t find a better sets of headphone than Anker SoundCore Space NC. This dynamic device is inbuilt with hybrid active noise cancellation technology that that does more than just muting noises by blocking low frequency as well as high frequency noises. The memory foam ear-cups sit gently around your ear to give you utmost comfort and spine-tingling audio experience. With Anker SoundCore Space NC, you can control various aspects of the speaker with just a single touch, With 12 hours of battery life and a portable design, this device can also be your travel companion.

Price: $74.99


  • Incredible mid range and high notes
  • High quality travel case
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • Touch Control too sensitive
  • Faint buzzing
  • Unsatisfying bass

What we have to say

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT is hands down the best budget headphone you can find on the market and the best headphones under $100. However this doesn’t not mean that the other headphones we’ve included in this list are inferior to it. All of them excel at a certain feature like you must’ve already known by now. We hope you found this article helpful. You can check out the best headphones to buy in 2019 if you’re willing to spend more than just a $100. If you any suggestion or queries, let us know down below.

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