Best Android Games of All Time

Android is literally making a huge buzz when it comes to gaming experience. With different concept and gaming technology, we are now having much-weighted games. If you have a handset of good configuration then on Google Play Store you have thousands of options.  Every other day new games are released and added to the Google Play store which you can install on your phone to make it a gaming console. Android users always remain beneficial in terms of gaming.

Some popular games those are free on Google Play store remain as a paid app for iOS and other users. Whether it is paid or free or with in-app purchase, we have got to face some games that never got old. Point is we are blessed with many Android games of all time fav to have fun with.

Best Android Games of All Time

You might have tried the different game and know the difference. From the world of the game, I have collected some games those remain at the top of all popular games for Android. It is hard to prepare this type of list but still, I have tried my level best to arrange your all favorite games.

Below I am listing some android games which still remain popular in the global android gaming platform. Many games developed and arrived but the craze and attachments remain with the below-mentioned games.

1: Clash of Clans

This is one of the best games of all time. Millions of people downloaded this game and became addicted to its gaming.  It is one of the best strategic games on kingdom building in the whole android game world. The interface of this game is simple and it has lots of features and tools which you can use to explore more in this game. With your strategy, you have to build your clans. Your clan needs to be strong and defensive which will help you lot in the time of clash. It is an online game and lots of users are connected to it. With no warning and signal, they will attack you and destroy your kingdom.

2: Pokemon GO

It is another most popular and addicting game. This game is all about travel between the real and virtual world. It has an inbuilt GPS system which will show where you can catch Pokemon. Pokemon are scattered at the different location which you have to catch while walking and driving.  The interface of this game is friendly and due to its regular updates day by day it becomes more interesting. It is a competitive ground and in this game player who can catch most Pokémon will be a winner. This game has different types of Pokemon characters; you have to catch them all and also need to compete with others to win gyms.

3: Need for Speed

It is one of the best racing games for both Pc and smartphone.  It is the most picked game in the racing genre. With attractive graphics and gameplay, it is a masterpiece. It is a heavyweight game so requires a good configuration handset to play flawlessly. You might have played this game on PC; it is same also in android. With good controls, sound, effects and lots of race to complete it is best android games for all time. In racing game genre you will not have the experience as on Need for speed.  IF you haven’t played this game yet, try it once you will get addicted.

4: Monument Valley

It is a puzzle adventure game developed by UStwo games. Among all puzzle mobile games, Monument Valley is widely popular. Many of you might think that a puzzle game can’t able to give that feel as other games. But once you start playing this game your full opinion on puzzle game will change. It is a balanced game as it is consist of easy and complicated levels. Its complication increase by levels by levels and on each level you will get many amazing facts which make this game interesting and addicting. The gameplay and its interface are pretty good along with its graphics keep this game different from others.

5: Fruit Ninja

This game is simple and easy but it is addictive.  The gameplay is straightforward and it still remains a favorite game of all time for kids and adult. It is a very successful game for the Android gaming platform. Might be this game is simple but still, it has three different level Classic, Zen and Arcade. The gameplay remains the same in all its levels but interesting and competition level increases by levels. It is a very popular game for both Android and iOS. Its interface is simple and its graphics are attractive.

6: Super Mario Run

This game is developed by Nintendo and available in both Android and iOS platform. It is a big name in the running game which comes with the different and unique scenario. You all might have an idea about the gaming experience but those don’t, download this game and start playing. The game places are different and you have to run over many obstacles. Level by level complexity will increase. You have to jump, slide over gaps and obstacles and also need to collect coins. This game has three modes and among these three World Tours is the most likely one. In world tour, you need to complete three levels to reach the final level of Bowers Castle Boss.


The craze of snake game is started from the very beginning of the introduction of mobile for communication. You all know the name of Nokia which is a very big brand in mobile. Nokia first developed Snake mobile game which still remains in this android platform as Those strong and hard Nokia mobiles are not available but their masterpiece snake game still entertaining the world. The concept of is developed from that game and developer added some extra features as graphic, sound to keep the craze among all.

8: Hill Climb Racing

It is game based on physics where you need to put driving experience. Newton Bill is the only character of this game who with his land rover need to reach the highest hills. It is a climbing game and you need to beat the height and obstacles of the hill. The route of the game is full of many curves and a player needs to use proper acceleration and brake to beat all obstacles.  On the route on time, you need to refill your fuel tank and also need to collect coins and stars as much as possible. It is a very addictive and most played game by people of all ages. Most kids love to play this game and pass their time on playing this game on phone and tablet. It is a free game and widely available on all app store. Recently developer launched and new version named Hill climb racing 2 with many different tools and features that will lift the gaming experience.

9: Plants vs Zombies

This game has the different version and its entire version is equally entertaining. This game is consisting of multiple levels and multiple gaming worlds. Each level is quite interesting and challenging. Every level of this game ends with a boss level where theme and interface change automatically. In this game, you have to build a plant army and also need to equip them with different combat system with war mechanism.  The interface of this game is user-friendly and simple. Players can easily handle all its controls and help them to cross all levels of this game.

Final Words

The whole gaming world is changing and upgrading frequently. Daily many games come in the market and from all very few able to gain response. On the android game, there are thousands of games in all genres which are available as both free and paid version.  You can pass your boredom time by playing the game on your device. Every game is developed on different gameplay but if you want to know about the best and evergreen android games then above mentioned best android games of all time will help you a lot.


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