10 Best Android Games for Kids

Mobile is an ultimate device where you can play games of many genres. Every user of the smartphone is fond of playing games on their handset. On Google play store there are many games of different genres among which some are free, and few are paid apps. Like us, our kids in this digital world also became a good operator of mobiles from the very beginning.  You might have seen that kids are doing lots of task with a smartphone of their parents and even tried to play games those are installed in the handset.  If you want to keep your kid calm then download games those are specially developed for kids.

Kids might not be able to play games those are made for grown people as those games come with complicated gameplay and need the dedication to complete levels.  Kids always love to play games those are funny and games those can give enjoyment. There are separate sections for android games for kid’s o Google Play store. You will find thousands of games in Kids genre. Here in this content, I am listing 10 best free android games for Kids those are appropriate and widely popular.

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Best Android Games for Kids

AniWorld Lite

It is a great game for kids; it teaches names of the different animal. Here on this game, they can even feed the animal which they like and even can make them their pet. The graphics and interface of this game is quite interesting playing which your kids will have enjoyment.

Ant Smasher

It is another free gaming app for kids where they need to smash ants with their finger. It is a very addictive game, and kids will get familiar with this game quickly. On the game dashboard, both ants and bees will be crawling. From those, they need to smash the only ant. Level by level speed increases and more they can smash more point they will earn.

Ridge Racer

This is a real racing game where your kids will love to drive many different sports cars.  The graphics and sound quality of this game are so real that they feel they are on the racing track. The controls and experience of this game are quite similar to the top racing game like asphalt. Collection of cars and track in this game is beautiful, and kids will enjoy while taking and drifting tire on the track.

PBS Kids Video

From this game, a kid can easily select characters of PBS kids and also can stream that character plays on Chromecast. In this game, there are different characters. Kids with their parents can stream different episodes and also can see the schedule of upcoming episodes on local PS station. In this game, all videos are absolutely for kids of different age. PBS games also have many educational PBS app which you can download directly from this game.

0-10 numbers

It is a learning app where your kids can learn how numbers look like. Kids always face problems to memorize in reading and writing numbers and alphabet. But when you install this game on the smartphone, then the whole task will become easy. In this game, numbers came in the screen with bright colors based on same cartoon characters. Kids will recognize those cartoon characters which gradually help to learn all 10 numbers.

Steamy window

You all might have noticed that kids always spin their hands on the glass of car full of dirt or fog and sometimes they even to draw in a window or door glass. This game is developed on the same concept. As they love this game will give them a screen to draw anything they like. The main screen of this game is a steamy as that of glass during winter. Kids with their little fingers can draw as their mind. Kids even create steam on the screen by blowing.

Seuss Collection

It is a fantastic game that features many imaginative gaming characters speaks a different language.  The gaming interface is simple and all the production from Oceanhouse you can find in this game.  Apart from fantastical illustration this game also let players record their voice. It has some tools following which kids can learn vocabulary.


It is a fast action game which is popular as an addicting game for kids. In this kids need to sail a ship, and in the water route, there will be many obstacles. The graphics and gaming features like alarm, light speed makes it a perfect action adventure game. You need to sail in such a way that ship never crashes, and for every move in this game, you will have microsecond. Kids need to react first in this game, and its controls also help to make their reactions fast.

Subway surfer

It is a running game which is a popular Android game. It is a game for all ages and people are very addicted to it. More you can run more coins and stars you can achieve.  I have seen many kids enjoying playing this game. This game has many features and rewards that give more interest. You have run on a train track and need to overcome all types of obstacles by jumping and sliding. Because for its popularity many version has been released and those are available for free on Google Play Store.

Temple Run

As we all know it is the first running adventures game which is still now a popular one. This game has different characters which players can choose as per their choice. The race of this game start from a cave, and it passes through jungles, rivers and much more.  Speed increases with the distance you cover.  Kids will get more interest as on the route they will have many coins and gift box which counts when the race ends. Once your kids get familiar with this game, they always get stick with phone or tablet.

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Might be there are many games, but few are appropriate for your kids. Google Play Store is an ultimate platform where you can have varieties of gaming app for your kids. There are many learning apps which comes in the form of games. It is not possible to check every game on the Play store. If your kid loves to play games like every other kid, then you can install any of the above-listed games. Kids always get interested in playing games on a big screen, so it is better to install games on an android tablet.


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