Apple iCloud Hacking News: iPhones Is Silently Sending Your Call Data To Apple Via iCloud

Apple is storing all your iPhone call record data in iCloud, if you are iPhone users than you must have known about Apple has been secretly uploading data from iPhone users through its iCloud service.

Hellow iPhone users, Apple is secretly uploading your call records in iCloud without your permission. So, Apple is now aware of your all call that who you telephoned and how long you have talk with them. It sounds good or bad. Yes it would be bad guys. I think it would be the biggest privacy concern for the iPhone users. It is really breach of privacy.

The security firm report of a Russian software and digital forensics company is claiming that Apple is secretly sending you all call record data from your iPhone via its iCloud service. Yes its dark true guys. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd has recently said in press release that “ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. discovers another privacy issue with Apple cloud services, releases tool to extract iPhone call logs from iCloud,”  

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd claims that “Apple automatically uploads iPhone call logs to Apple’s remote servers,” also added “Call logs can be stored on Apple servers for months, and there is no option for the end user to disable this sync without disabling iCloud entirely on their device.” “We discovered that yet another piece of data is stored in the cloud for no apparent reason,” he wrote. “Using an iPhone and have an active iCloud account? Your calls will sync with iCloud whether you want it or not.”

Afonin said that “The ability to extract call logs from the cloud instead of having to deal with the tough hardware protection of today’s iPhones can be a blessing for forensic examiners.”

If you don’t want to give you Metadata to Apple then you should off you iCloud in your iPhone. Call record Metadata is now active in iOS 9 and iOS 10 with the option of switching off iCloud Drive is the only way to disable the Metadata upload feature. Most of iPhone users are really upset off these unacceptable moves of Apple. Vlatamir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft Co. Ltd wrote on company’s blog that “There is no way to hide your calls from government requests other than disabling iCloud Drive,”

“Indeed, the security model of recent iPhones is exemplary. They are extremely difficult to break in on a physical level,” Afonin said. “But, what seems to be a hassle for some frustrated iPhone users is a real blessing for law enforcement.”

Why Apple is storing calls logs in iCloud?

The latest news reports are claiming that Apple is storing all call records in iCloud because of only a tad late for FBI. Apple has power to lessen the help to FBI by managing all the encryption keys to the San Bernardino shooter, Rizwan Farook’s iPhone 5c. But, one Russian firm had leaked the all call record of Farook’s iPhone 5c. So, it’s all happening for the sake of Government.

Apple says that the Metadata strong in iCloud is the only for the good convenience for the iPhone user. Well, we know that this is really very stupid that how storing users call records and other stuff can actually help the iPhone owners.

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