Android Nougat features you’re probably not using

Android Nougat features: Google used to manufacture a relatively basic Android version, including on original equipment manufacturer like LG and Samsung to add new features that they want. Although today, Android is more powerful, more attractive and it gives more features without the help of other device makers.

Actually, Google has pushed OEM’s to use more necessary Android experiences. It means that some great features are hiding inside your device that you don’t know about.

Here the list of Android Nougat Features that you are not probably using:

The Split Screen Chrome

The split-screen capabilities of Android Nougat are very well known, however, there is one app that has a useful and very cool feature that is not noticeable. They called it “Chrome Browser” it will let the user to run two different tabs on the screen right away.

To run the web pages, you must open the Chrome and make sure that you open at least two tabs. In beginning the split screen, you must press your Android overview button once your done pressing it, press the Chrome overflow menu button and choose “Move to other Window”. When you are finished you can go back to a single tab by dragging the divider to one side.

Clear all apps in multitasking

Not all Android devices provide a quick way to clear app, but Android 7.0 has a proper way in clearing all the working apps.

LG and Samsung make the clear button very accessible located at the lower part of the screen, that if you press it accidentally all open apps will be close. In Android 7.0 you will find the Clear Option at the top of your apps. Just scroll it up and press the button immediately. This ends the user-facing activity but not clear background tasks.

Third Party Setting

The customizable quick settings panel is available for tablets and phone that runs Android 7.0. To check if you have it, open the quick settings and press the edit button.

App Install Source

Android 7.0 added a new feature, this allow you to check where is the application came from. To check for this information, open your device settings and choose “Apps”. Tap any app and check if it is from Google Play Store or Package Installer.

Quick App Switching

Android 7.0 quicker ways to flip between apps, if you want to go back to the previous app that you open you don’t have to press the card to overview the screen. Just double tap on the overview button and instantly it will proceed to the last app. This feature will work on Android 7.0 and higher versions.

Apps Shortcut

Launcher shortcuts are one of the new features of Android 7.1 Nougat. It means Android 7.0 won’t have them. Although this app is applicable if you have app shortcuts, with this you will now have useful features and menus on your home screen.

Data Saver

Android Nougat added a feature that would help you to stay under the cap. This feature is known as Data Saver this is available in Android Nougat devices, it is located at Data Usage menu settings. Data Saver lowers the data allocation by disallowing the apps from using data in the background. By simply turning it on, the applications will lower down the bytes when you are using them.

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