50+ Trippy Background Wallpaper & Psychedelic Wallpaper Pictures in HD for Desktop, iPhone & Android

Best Trippy Backgrounds and Psychedelic Wallpapers are being much popular and fashionable lately. If you want to change the looks of your Desktop screen or Smartphones Home Screen then Full HD Trippy Wallpapers are the best for you because Trippy pictures are really cool and fascinating and will definitely gain a lot of attention when others see it. In the Google, you can see lots of Psychedelic Wallpapers for different devices are available but I know, we all want to select only the best one. While selecting Trippy Wallpaper all you need to consider is the dimensions of your desktop or smartphone and which image is best for your device as background.

We all use electronics device like Computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphones in our everyday life. The Trippy background and Psychedelic Wallpapers are most trending HD Wallpapers for these devices these days because of its artistic and colorful designs. Everyone loves customization on his or her gadgets that’s why he or she uses these trippy and psychedelic wallpapers. So, for customization lovers, we are sharing best of the best Trippy background and Psychedelic Wallpapers in HD and 4k which you can use as a wallpaper on your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphones screen. In this article, I am going to list out some of the amazing and best trippy backgrounds and Psychedelic wallpapers but at first, let me clarify what the Trippy picture and psychedelic images are and why are they much popular these days.

What are Trippy or Psychedelic Wallpapers?

Trippy Backgrounds or Psychedelic Wallpapers are the illusion and an artistic artwork design that are difficult to make and much popular to use on Desktop or smartphones screen. It is difficult to make so makers put their all effort to make it look amazing and different from other normal wallpapers. These wallpapers could be in the form of painting or normal wallpapers. Psychedelic Backgrounds are high-contrasted and well-designed art that makes it look extra, but there are some Trippy wallpapers that can make you even dizzy if you keep staring at it for a long time. If this is the case then please don’t use such backgrounds on your device.

Why are Trippy and Psychedelic Wallpapers much Popular?

The Trippy Backgrounds and Psychedelic Wallpapers are much popular these days due to its amazing look and well-designed art. These wallpapers make the look of your display extra engaging. The main advantage of having Trippy Wallpapers on your Desktop is that many people believe that having a trippy background makes you more creative as well as inspires you to have more and more creative and unique ideas. They have highly contrasting colors and brightness which makes them different as compared to other normal wallpapers.

Best Trippy Background and Psychedelic Wallpaper for Desktop and Smartphone

So, finally, in this part, I am going to share some of the best Trippy and Psychedelic Wallpapers for iPhone, Android, and Desktop screen. These Trippy backgrounds come in various resolutions and most of these backgrounds are of HD quality. Not all people prefer Trippy background and Psychedelic wallpapers, but if you love Psychedelic and trippy backgrounds then you are going to love our collection of 50+ Trippy and Psychedelic backgrounds for your Desktop. Please make sure to try all of these wallpaper because all the trippy and psychedelic background which we are sharing below are best and unique.

1.HD Trippy Background for iPhone

2. Psychedelic Background for iPhone

3.Psychedelic Lion

4.Abstract Multicolored Flowers

5.Trippy Wallpapers

6.Trippy skull Background

7.Psychedelic Cat

8.Free Trippy Screensavers

9.Cool Trippy Wallpapers

10.Digital art

11.Colorful Abstract

12.HD Psychedelic Wallpapers for Walls

13.Vermillion tongued siren

14.HD Psychedelic Backgrounds

15.Cool HD Trippy Pictures

16.Human HD Psychedelic Screensavers

17.Psychedelic Layers

18.Clouds, Ships, and Flying Whale

19.Optical illusion

20.Moving Trippy Wallpaper

21.Space and Tree HD Wallpaper Psychedelic


23.Miscellaneous Digital Trippy art


24.Space Trippy Screensaver

25.Psychedelic Tree

26.Trippy Screensavers for iPhone

27.Globe by Veronique Meignaud

28.Psychedelic Wallpaper for Smartphone

29.Colorful Petals

30.Trippy Moving Wallpaper

31.Abstract design

32.Trippy Moving Background


34.Surreal World

35.Psychedelic Art HD

36.Abstract Artistic

37.Cool Color HD Psychedelic Pictures

38.Under Water Psychedelic art

39.Trippy World

40.Amazing multicolor Trippy Background


42.Blue Shade Trippy Pictures

43.Chinese girl

44.Confusing HD Trippy image

45.Abstract Freedom

46.Psychedelic life by Guilherme Marconi

47.Meditation HD Trippy Wallpaper

48.Colorful food

49.Psychedelic explosion clouds

50.Psychedelic experience

51.Mountain Landscapes

52.Una fame dopo

53.HD Color Psychedelic Screensaver

54.Psychedelic Wallpaper

55.Psychedelic images



So above mentioned all the images are the latest and best collection of Trippy Background and Psychedelic Wallpapers for your electronics devices. Just download your favorite one from the list and use it as your Desktop background, Smartphones wallpaper. Using these trippy backgrounds and psychedelic wallpaper, you will get an artistic look in your Desktop, iPhone, and Android. If you have found your favorite one then let us know on the comment box below.

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