5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

Apple has released a beta version of the highly anticipated iOS 13 for testing. Anyone with an iPhone no older than iPhone 6s can download and update. This beta version gives a slight insight into what the actual final product will look like. If Apple sticks to their usual routine, iOS 13 is set to be released this fall.

However, beta versions are called beta for a reason, they are unfinished. If you proceed and update your iPhone, you may experience lag, bugs and unaccounted errors. Apple expects to find bugs through these beta versions and make sure the final software is error free as possible. Ever since iOS 8, Apple has been letting people use the beta version of upcoming iOSs.

Downloading beta versions is a risk so we’ve prepared a list for you to let you in onnew features Apple plans to include in iOS 13.

1. Sign in With Apple

5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

Sign in With apple is a new privacy setting in upcoming iOS that uses your Apple id instead of you email address. With this new feature Apple plans to make you safe from online tracking in ways one may not realize. Apple has always been serious about privacy so it’s not surprising that they have added this to their phone. This feature lets you sign into third party apps with your apple id like Google and Facebook do with your email id. If you don’t want to use your email in places you don’t feel secure, now you can use your apple id instead.

2. Dark Theme

5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

It was about time Apple introduced this in their phones. Dark Theme is meant to prevent bright white hues to shine on your face. It is also said that this feature will increase your phone’s battery life. If you don’t want a dark theme on your phone, you can stick with the existing one. However, using dark theme during night time can be really pleasant to your eyes. You can even schedule a certain time to activate or deactivate this new feature.

3. Apple Maps

5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

Apple Maps has been embarrassingly poor compared too Google Maps. However, Apple doesnt plan to stay behind forever. Apple Maps is now getting reformed. Like Google Maps’s Street view, new Apple Map comes with Look Around feature. Although it is limited to US only, Apple plans to expand this feature to more countries in near future.

4. Redesigned Photos App

5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

Apple has always been known for its clean and sophisticated looks. With this redesigned Photo app, the aesthetics of the app proves signifucantly. Users will also find it easy to look for their photos. Photo and video editing is also refined in this version of iOS. Furthermore, new pinch control functions are also added.

5. Quick Path Typing

5 New Major Features in iOS 13 beta version

iOS 13 is set to introduce quick path typing for the first time in iPhones. With this new feature, you can drag your fingers from one letter to the other to type instead of tapping. This feature uses machine learning to predict your text in better ways and convert the path you drag your finger into words. However, if you’re not a big fan of Quick Path Tapping you can still use the old fashioned tap-typing or use both of them simultaneously.

These are just handful of features we’ve covered in this article. Other new known features include Carplay, improved speed, refined Reminders, Silence unknown callers and more. Apple says there are more than 300 new features in the upcoming iOS so we’ll have to wait and see the remaining features until the official version is released.

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