20 Best iOS iPhone Emulators For Windows PC (Run iOS Apps) 2018

Got yourself a Windows PC and you want to run the different iOS apps on it? Well, you are at the perfect place as you will not find a better article for your needs. For those users with Windows 7, 8, and 10 PC along with an iPhone, this article is the best place to look for a solution.

Life does get a bit difficult for those with such a combination of phone and PC. Data transfer, for example, becomes really tough to deal with as the iOS apps are not meant for working with the Windows format. So, what do you do then? This article proves to be a helpful piece of information for those who need help in such matters.

Talking About The Best iOS Emulators For Laptops And PCs

Yes, this is exactly what you will get in here. First-hand information about the different and the best emulators that you can use to run the iOS apps on your Windows PC. We bet that we have your attention now, right?

What Exactly Is An iOS Emulator?

How do you go about discussing the best products if you don’t know anything about them? Well, this is why it is really important to make sure that we know what the emulators are in the first place.

The emulators can be defined as the ones that are used for the creation of a particular iOS atmosphere in the different OS.

This is exactly what an iPhone emulator is. These emulators help to create the iOS environment in Windows to ensure the safe running of the iOS apps on your computer. Doesn’t that sound like something amazing, people? We bet that you will find these emulators to be extremely helpful whenever you are in need.

With the help of the concept known as the virtualization technology, these apps create the desired environment for the safe running of the apps.

What Are The Benefits Of The iOS Emulators?

The emulators were basically built for the testing the results of the programs and apps on the operating system. These proved to be a help for the application developers who used this technology to test their apps.

Some of the best emulators that we have for you take the help of the technology for running different applications. Such is the capability of these emulators that they can run on any operating systems such as Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Now that is something that we call efficiency.

Another one of the amazing things about the iOS emulators is that they are absolutely free of cost. This means that whatever service you require of running the apps, you can do it for free. That seems like a budget-friendly solution for the people who are in need.

Now just because they are free of cost doesn’t mean that they are not efficient. What can we say about the efficiency of the iOS emulators? They are amazing and user-friendly. Apart from that, they are very easy to install and use as well. You don’t have to be an expert in the field for using these iOS emulators.

20 Best Emulators For You To Try

Here we have some of the best emulators for you to make your choice easier. These emulators are known for their efficient services to the users. With the help of these, running iOS apps on your Windows PC won’t be a big deal. So, are you ready to check them out? Let’s go then.


The MobiOne Studio is counted among the best emulators of apple that is used for PC. This is because, with the help of MobiOne, we will be able to run applications and iOS games on Windows computer. Though the stimulator is banned officially you can still use it. If you are an app developer then it will be of great benefit to you as it will allow you to develop a cross-platform application for mobile phones. This amazing iPhone emulator enables the status notification just as same as that in an iOS. With the help of this emulator, you can also use the beta app.

  1. APP.IO

This amazing emulator can be said as by far the best emulator of iOS in the market that can be used in Windows computer. One of the best advantages of this application is that one can navigate it in a very simple way and is very basic in use. However, this iPhone emulator is quite slow for windows in comparison with the other emulators. Sometimes it takes more than half an hour to upload any application.

You can enjoy the free trial of the emulator up to 7 days. If you are happy and satisfied with the trial version of the simulator then you can go on to enjoy the premium version of the software. This app is developed depending on the basis of Cloud.


This iOS emulator for windows named Smartface is a great one. The wide use of this emulator is mainly for the development of native iOS apps which are of cross-platform. This software is used by the app developers significantly to test the iOS apps. It is up to you that you choose the free version or paid version of the software. The paid version of the software starts from $99. This emulator can also be a great alternative to iPadian. If you are looking for one then try Smartface right away.


IPadian is said as the best iPad stimulators that can be used in Windows. With the help of this software, you will enjoy the experience of an iPad on windows and android products as well. The iPadian stimulators allow you to get access amazing features of the apple like TV, Siri, iMessages as well as watch the OS. The interface of iPadian is similar to that of iPad and iPhone. You can use this emulator to get the iOS apps on your PC. However, the emulator will not be able to run every single app on your PC. The user interface of this software is very friendly due to which the user of this software is more than any others. You don’t have to pay a single penny for iPadian.


This is an alternate emulator that can be used in place of App.io and many even believe that this emulator is much better than App.io. Using this emulator, an app developer can easily develop iOS and Android application on the cloud storage. After downloading and installing the Appetize.io you can use the iPhone emulator for free for the first 1 hour and forty minutes. After you have exceeded the free time then you will be charged $0.05 every minute. If you are just looking to test few apps then the free version of the emulator will be enough for it.


The Air iPhone is an amazing software which creates a virtual iPhone on your Windows PC and enables you to see the actual screen. This emulator also enables the framework of Adobe AIR that is of great help to all the users. You just have to visit the official website of the AIR iPhone in order to download the Adobe AIR framework. The main function of this software is to recreate the interface of an iPhone on any windows computer. To run this software successfully, you have to download the Air framework.


iPad Simulator is basically an extension of the Google Chrome browser. This software acts in two ways like a simulator as well as like a cloud OS. You can also get many Apple features like Siri in the iPad Simulator and the best part is that you don’t even have to pay for anything. iPad simulator is basically a clone of an iPad which is used as an iOS Simulators for Windows. If you are thinking to have a cloud iOS emulator for Windows PC, then you can always rely on this software. You can easily Drag and Drop any iOS apps from your PC to iPad simulator.

  1. iPhone SIMULATOR

If you have been looking for an emulator which might help you in playing iPhone games on your Windows PC as well then you should probably for the iPhone Simulator as it is the most useful of all in this case. The significant quality of this emulator is that the quality of the graphic is excellent. You don’t even have to worry about the subscription of this software. It is free of cost. Moreover, with the help of this iPhone emulator, you can also create a virtual user interface on your Windows PC.


The comfort provided by the Nintendo 3Ds emulator is regarded as one of the greatest till date and the iOS users seem to love this app very much. If you are a gamer and are really concerned about it then this emulator is the best option for you. Using this emulator, you can have the gaming experience that you never had before. You can also enjoy every kind of 3D games on your PC with the help of this emulator. The gaming experience with this emulator is very smooth and does not have any lagging issues.


Xamarin Testflight is basically known to provide advanced support and a user interface which is very user-friendly. You can easily download and install this emulator and runs very smoothly. However, with the help of this emulator, you can only test those apps which are based on iOS 8.0 and above. If you are trying to tests the apps which are lower than iOS 8.0 then you can any of the apps that are mentioned above. This emulator has currently been owned by Apple Corporation. Since Xamarin is an Apple product, so, there are many tasks that this emulator can perform which is related to iOS.


Here is another star player form our list. Albeit a paid service, it is worthy enough to be called as one of the best iOS emulators for the Windows PC. With this particular emulator, you will be able to easily run the iOS apps on the products of Windows. The price might be a bit on the higher side but the efficiency makes up for it. There is no doubt about the quality of the product as it offers excellent services. Developing iOS apps with the help of coding languages has become really easy because of Electric Mobile Studio. So, why not try it out?


Let’s move on to the next product on our list. Well, with the help of Ripple it is easy to develop such Windows-friendly apps. Testing the apps is also possible with the help of this emulator. The extension of Ripple in Chrome-based so that’s a plus point. Ripple comes under the list of emulators that are cloud-based. It is really easy to use the iOS apps once you have Ripple emulator to help you out. For all the tech geeks and the app developers out there, this emulator is a boon.

  1. IMAME

For those who love gaming, the iMAME emulator proves to be a great help. With this emulator, you can easily download the games and the apps that are only available on the iPhones. It is very easy to install as well. A variety of iOS games can be easily run by the iMAME emulator. All you have to do is download the service and you are ready. There are many gamers who have praised the amazing features that the emulator brings with it. So, why don’t you just give it a try people?


Well, make way for another great emulator that you can use for running iOS applications in your PC. This is another one of the latest introductions in the field and has been gathering much attention with its features. Testing cross-platform modes of compatibility of the different iOS apps can be done easily with the help of this emulator. Wait, there is more. The quality features come with the brand name of Apple that is attached to it.


This is another one of the additions to the list of the best emulators. He iDos Emulator works efficiently to provide the users with a fantastic experience of iOS on their PCs. You will be able to use the emulator for free to make sure that the iOS apps run on your PC. You know what that means, right? This means that you won’t have to spend a single dime on the features and the services that the emulator offers.

  1. REMOTED IOS Simulator

Well, this simulator is another great option for those who want the specifications of Xamarin for their emulators. It is easy to test the iOS apps in the PC with the help of this particular iOS emulator. This is an amazing alternative to the other emulators that are too costly for those with a budget. One of the best things about the emulator is that it is very easy to use and you don’t really have to be an expert to utilize this iPhone emulator to its best advantage.


Another new product in the market, this one is a total deal-breaker. Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, the experience will be the same. Never again to you have to worry about downloading special software and other additional shenanigans for running the iOS apps. This iPhone emulator does it all for you. Not just that people, it can also be used for running the Android apps as well. Now that’s is certainly something.


For those who want a premium service from their iPhone emulator, the Gearboy emulator is an option that they can try. Providing excellent services and the exact feel of handling an Apple device, this product has made it big in the market. Apart from Apple, it also supports the operating systems of Linux, Mac, and Windows as well. Doesn’t that sound like a total package? Well, that’s because it is. Don’t miss the chance to download this emulator as it doesn’t charge you.

  1. GBA4iOS

GBA4iOS is also a great iPhone emulator for those who want an amazing alternative to the expensive options in the market. Why would you want to spend money on emulators when you can get the same services in here for free, right? What’s even better is that the emulator has also got its sequel version due to its popularity amongst the users. It is really easy to install and use all the apps from the iPhone with the help of this particular emulator. Why not try it then?


One of the best emulators in the market that gained much popularity amongst the users is the Gearsystem emulator. Truly deserving every single piece of praise that it gets, the amazing features make the product a must-have for those who want impeccable services. The support system of the iPhone emulator is so great that it supports all the operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Where else will you find such amazing service.

Our Final Take On The Best Emulators

The iPhone emulator is one of the best tools that can be used for the betterment of the iOS apps. So, are you sure which one would you like to have? Make sure that you choose wisely people.  For those who have any queries and questions, this article will answer them precisely. So, go ahead and get yourself an iPhone emulator right now.

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