10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android

10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android : Looking for a way to motivate yourself to lose weight? Let your smartphone do that for you. A number of fitness apps for android and iphone  have come up which makes it easier to start with fitness. Whether you want to eat healthily or looking for working on your fitness, these applications are useful tools. There are a number of these applications which help you in staying fit and healthy.

10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android

Let’s have a look on the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android

Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up happens to be one of the most useful fitness apps for iphone & Android which can be downloaded on your iPhone and Android device. You can track sleep with the aid of these applications. You can also track other activities such as distance, steps, reduction of calories, etc with the use of your phone in the presence of these apps. The personalized feedback and smart coaching aids in motivating the fitness goals. In addition to fitness goals, you can also fetch mood, drinks and food tracking with these apps. They enable you, creating teams if you want to compete with others. The software can connect with a wide array of third party applications such as RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc.

Download JawBone Up


MyFitnessPal contributes to being the easiest way for tracking eating habits and it is one of the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android . Thus, it has an indirect role in tracking food habits. You can select from the database of the company of more than 5 million food items. You can scan the barcode for easy tracking of calorie intake and nutrition. It can be synchronized with a wide array of fitness trackers such as Under Armour, Garmin, Withings, Fitbit, Misfit along with well-renowned applications such as Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun. This application can be availed on Android and iPhone devices.

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Strava is another popular name in the list 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android in terms of health and fitness. It is recognized to be a cycling and running log. It combines a fitness community and tracking application in a singular one. It happens to be Segments feature by which you can compare with other users on specific stretches on the road. The key to success of Strava is dependent on how many services and devices they are compatible with.

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Runtastic Pro

Are you the type of person who cannot go a single day without exercise, jogging or cardio workouts? Well, then this app is for you. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools by which you will be capable of tracking the workout regimen which is inclusive of voice coach which confers update on the progress. Other neat features are inclusive of the capability of receiving cheers from friends while working out or running. It has become the number one choice of fitness freaks for its capability of monitoring the calorie intake and heart rate. You can download this app which in one of the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android in your health and fitness application.

DOWNLOAD Runtastic Pro

Zombies, Run

Staying healthy and fit is a must in order to keep yourself from series diseases. However, if this is not sufficient to keep you motivated to go for exercises, perhaps fear is. With this logic, Zombies, Run have come up which places you in the role of a person who is running away from a bunch of zombies. Use zombies, start the app and run. It creates a hypnotic experience and you feel as if you are in the midst of zombies. You thus need to run with the most need of surviving. This application can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices.

Download Zombies Run


People with serious fitness goals download Argus on their smart phones. It is  one of the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android and considered to be the one stop solution in order to track workouts, activities, sleep, and weight. You can even goals for water consumption, calorie intake, walking, sleeping, and weight. You do not require any fitness tracker if you can do all these on your phone. This is where this application seeks importance. This application can also be useful for you for measuring heart rate with the use of flash on the camera.


Seven- 7-minute workout

Seven- 7-minute workout happens to be one of the well-renowned health and fitness application. As per the experts, a jogging of 10 minutes is enough for keeping yourself healthy. The busy schedule hardly lets any one in these days to engage in half an hour workout or long running on a daily basis. If you have only 10 minutes every day for working out but want to stay fit at the same time, Seven- 7-minute workout is for you. With the use of this application, you will be capable of engaging in 14 varied types of exercises for a time span of 30 seconds every day. This results in an intensive workout which takes seven minutes only.



Running happens to be one of the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android and one of the best exercises to stay fit or reduce weight. If you love running, you can consider downloading this application in your android device. This application stands second to none in tracking different details of running that include distance, speed and time. Keep your headphones plug during the job and get regular updates regarding your progress with this app. You can also get tips how to run in an effective manner with this application. With this application, you can share your run across the social network.



Nike Running

Nike Running contributes to being the most popular application users download in their Android and iPhone devices for running. The great looks and simple interface assist you in reaching the spot. If you want to track your run, nothing can be more effective than this application. It is also beneficial in highlighting the achievements. You can also go for a competition with other users on leaderboard here. It is also useful in keeping you motivated with the assistance of Coach feature.



This app is one of the 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone & Android  and useful for those who love listening to music while working out. It comes with an inbuilt feature, referred to as Spotify Running which can detect the tempo automatically and play songs for matching the pace. Running becomes more fun as you install this app on your phone.


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